A Tennis Star Catches COVID-19


Welcome the no challenges remaining. It is Sunday. June twenty first twenty, twenty I am Ben Rothenberg I was working on posting are editing an episode that I recorded a couple days ago with buddies and frequent guests, this show remobilize into all and Louisa Thomas also this episode for the beginning of it. round table talking about the open their plans etcetera etcetera. Then a couple less than an hour ago, there was a posted popped up. I think I dream and remained Toumani. Join me again hello. Hello. Irene was the first one is. If I saw a post, this poster came up on your instagram feed, and can you describe what you saw instagram? Basically posted a photo of himself with a mask, announcing that he is back in Monaco and tested positive for covid nineteen an he apologized for possibly endangering others so yeah, it was him basically disclosing that he has positive, and as we know agree, gorgeous got back from Croatia where he was playing in the Adria tour and a couple of days before that he was playing in Belgrade as well, so he's playing Novak store, and yeah, and we mentioned that obviously on the podcast we recorded two days ago. I it it should be noted that we've seen many patriots of Griego over the past couple of weeks. But that's the first pitcher. We've seen what I'm wearing a mosque. Stu Point to money no I think. Yeah, so this is sort of tenses. Thing hopefully it get to a Rudy Gobert moment in tennis where Gregoire realized I have nothing fallen close attention, paying close attention to the Adria tour, but grew on court yesterday a Saturday in Croatia playing a match inside our Croatia as part of this Adria series traveling around the Balkans he was in. Serbia and we talked about this. A bunch on the show and I think I will probably still. Post the show recorded before, but I feel like this will change the tenor of its I want to post these. Get this one up I throw show that we are connected to reality more than maybe the other episode from two days ago because I think as Louisa, early people say on the show like. In these times a lock change short period of time, this is obviously a big moment for tennis. One that I think it's fair to say that we all feared was very possible with looking at Adria series, which is exhibition event sort of started by Novak Djokovic determined director. Quote Unquote was Georgia Djokovic of ex brother. It was being held in Belgrade and a few other planned stops around the Balkans They just actually after the news of Dmitrov positive test. They just can't sold the final match of today's session in. Montenegro which was supposed to host next weekend had already said thanks, but no thanks to Adria tour canceled their leg of the event. We sort of imagined Asia tour, which was an event. Whichever one you twenty? How about you described? He described what what we saw because he posted a bunch of photos. From recent days what Adrian Tour Bend like the got people concerned something this. Business was sending. The optics are not good. Let's put it charitably that way. Yes essentially what we've seen is What is a very regular event in very abnormal times you know? Whether it's you look on twitter on on streams on on Youtube big crowds in the stadium at Novak's Club scene players. And hands and invading each other's personal space and Interacting with fans you've seen videos of. Them are on the out in a club stripping together. and. Will these images that would be normal in normal times, but these aren't normal times, and it makes you cringe a bit. And so there there there's been tons of criticism and. Of course. Rich kind of. Received a lot of criticism for an we actually spoke. To US ball. And he said kind of that. He's aware of the criticism from the West. But you know what while things may be bad in the UK or the, us, it's not. It's not the same in Serbia. And, yeah, and for that reason you know people have been kind of reacting to that and reacting badly, and that's kind of where we. Can I add? They also had a kids day. That had a lot of kids. We've seen the photo of that as well and they've had a football match, and they've had a basketball match in Croatia. They went to a concert with Donovan John August the new version others the other day, and the thing is you have players who came from countries. Who aren't Serbia and Croatia in that? You have you have players someone like Gregoire? Who flew from the states, then winces Bulgaria, possibly also to Monaco. You also have such as Vera. Vera who's traveling from different places Sasha's also saddlebrook for quite a big portion of the quarantine time you have people traveling from different places, and they got off the plane, and you see the video of them getting off the plane and immediately hugging Novak, and immediately being welcomed people into walking around the no masks I don't understand how you can get a flight and already know that that person that person didn't have time to get tested, so that already was

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