Matt Riddles SmackDown Debut - burst 03



He's loud. He's a big guy. Obviously, riddle is the opposite of that. We saw last night when he was talking. About the bare feet he's like i. don't wear shoes Bro Thank. You first of all as I'm sitting, you can't see as. SANDALS ON A. Kindred spirits rental. That can appreciate the not wearing shoes, but my point is. He's a chill slower. Guy Corbin's more of a high energy. You know obviously the he'll roll. I disliked the possibilities of what the back and forth between Barron corporate and Matt Riddle can offer stylistically on the Mike. I think that Matt Riddle is proven that. Entertaining and have fun, but If he. Bears down and goes listen. Don't think for one second to take my kindness in my my humility as a weakness. I spent most of my life open. People's as and it's not going to stop. Because I'm here on smackdown. Like I came here to kick, people's as And that is what's going to happen. That being said. What up Bro? He, doesn't he has a great balance? There's there's not been many guys that was able to entertain. Have Fun. But have a razors is could cut you in a heartbeat. As Matt Riddle Yeah there's a deadly seriousness with riddle because of that background in the UFC getting fired from the UFC on a four fight win streak I revisited the article I. Remember I covered riddles entire UFC career I knew him when he lived out here in Vegas and had interactions with them I very much like Matt and you know rooting for him in this wwe push assuming you know everything works out on the legal end that's. That's the kind of the the thing that I keep going back to at least in my own head, which was a weird feeling with that last night in terms of watching that and that debut on one hand you want to be just electric excited for this man that you followed you. You see him doing the right work in a pays off, and then obviously the backdrop of the accusations of the last twenty four hours, but nonetheless. A huge win mark at an a memorable win through talking about and another thing that you brought up which I thought was really interesting that I. didn't you know it's weird for whatever reason I didn't really notice it? WWe obviously with the pandemic hasn't really been rolling out their roster in enclosed spaces. Last night. We got essentially. What was the LUMBERJACK match mark? It wasn't lumberjack man and. Now, did you have? Friends and family. On the outside of the glass, but then you had probably fifteen to twenty wrestlers inside the glass. and. It gave a reactionary sound that we've been missing. How often did you hear the bump of the ring? When somebody fail not much because there was chatter, there was interactions. There was Otis revenues. And in stuff that distracted you from. What was going on in the ring, but at the same time what was going on in the ring took president's because of the greatness and the skill that was being applied so. I'm very interested in seeing what the smackdown rating is because. From beginning of that show to the end of that show. I didn't want to go to the bathroom I didn't want to go get something to eat. I felt like I was going to miss something. Is being a long time. A long time. Since I was watching smackdown and I felt like that. So smackdown did a really really good job of keeping everyone's attention. And the way in which they did it, they didn't do it just with with matches. You know I mean there was some good matches on start. It locks you in with a great match, but it locked you in, and you go all the way to the end of that show which? Is Good Indian as we've had in a long time to go off the air. And makes you WANNA tune in next week, right? You remember you remember when we were kids. For y'all under thirty thirty five years old, though this show called Batman, it had west. And when the got to the end of the show, there was

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