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Hello everybody happy while wherever you are on this glorious year revision we can came under your Eurovision Song contest fan you. I think you're even begin to it this year. Weren't you in in Rotterdam so? Have you been coping without the prospect of any sort of live dies than well getting Easter? Now Joel tennis being canceled Irvine being cancelled. Yeah I had tickets for the first time and it's law it was council but hopefully out next year and we had celebration on on the TV last night and had some Swedish food and some cocktails to kind of raise a bit of a glass to what what never happened. But but yeah I think I think you were watching us. Well Joe. You're right yes I was. I catch Lubbock came. I'm going to hold my hand up here. Johnny Logan he comes on the TV and have no idea who he is by turns out. He's he's pretty much the go of of the on contests Mariah a bit. Like the Federa of of your vision life. If you don't tennis you you at least know the name federal. Maybe Johnny Logan could could be a bit like that but yeah. I was quite surprised. You shouldn't you've never heard of him. He's one well three times twice as a singer songwriter. Say He is the kind of the winningest person in in your vision. I guess you could say but yeah maybe actually we can do a European podcast as well. But let's let's go to tennis because we're going to be looking at the Italian. Upn and top eight movements. The happened in rave the last few decades. And perhaps I should lead on this one job because I'm going start with a moment featuring the man himself rapper. One of surprise well yes and listeners. And said he'd rougher bear with us because we all see you're not the end of the alternative Casey's season I mean let's be honest because light Madrid. Rome is Dallas. Hi I think he's one like what nine titles zero something ludicrously say is as as hardly a surprise to kind of see him featured this list say yes came. More is was the first moment. We're WE'RE GONNA be reliving. Well I thought we have liquor two thousand five. Which was you know I play horses and really where he takes. The kind of took it by storm. He won the first time. Yeah his first of nine titles. I think back in five and so he came up against Korea. Who at the time I guess was probably the most to stop ish claycourter of over air or at least one of them very face competitor for sure but the final was another five-set Masters Final five-set thriller? It was over five hours long. Which if you think about now if they were doing that consistently Austin Final Monte Carlo Madrid. That would just be insane. I mean I actually am believe that they used to do this to be called with the but yeah it was. It was a real ding. Dong to one of the better word. Joe Six four three six six three full six and then rougher one at seven six on a law set tiebreak but think about this much. Rougher was a double breakdown and fifth say. Who's three lockdown Sakaria? Really could've gone on us up momentum going away and one but I think really is kind of weakest point throughout his whole career was was his mental strength and he kind of collapsed that combined with with. Rafa you know. Obviously he's attitude his diehard shoot. Never giving up. He was on like a sixteen match winning streak at this point and say obviously he. He had a lot of belief in his game. And but I think Korea would be very devastated after this loss at I think. Actually in his post-match she interceded say this was one of the hardest defeats of his career. I think it was interesting to is. I think Korea probably getting into this matching gains clay season. Yeah he's probably thinking. I'm beatable on clay call. There is no one else out there better than me and who comes along on the Dow eighteen year old teenage eh relatively unheard of and I think this match proved that even when Korea was playing his absolutely best tennis possible. That was someone else out there better than him and I think he was kind of disheartened by that and I think this much great show us. You said mentally he you know he wasn't as strong as some of his other competitors or I think when you're three love up Double in the fifth set us really should be closing that match out and he wasn't able to do that. I think that's one of the things we might associate with a player who you know as brilliant as he is in Korea kind of on the mental side of things. I don't think you could put him up there with the greats and I kind of look at this match. I look at the two thousand four French Open final as well where he Gaston Gaudio. In the final game was five sets but again crucially he was two sets up. He was six love. Six three up was unable to close out the the match. And you know he's probably one of these as you put in the category of greatest players never have one. Ud wonder if if he hit if he had won if he had won this final in in Rome beaten Dow that would have given him the confidence indicate and reinforce that belief that he was and he was at the time the best the best clay court player in the world. I think obviously that loss against scout and then going into this match against Rafeh just his. His mental side of things just wasn't subscription. A Rafeh had beaten him in the Monte Carlo. Final just a couple of weeks before this so again he knew he was up against and he kind of let it. Let it slip away to be honest with you and Yeah so I just thought you know. Obviously this was this was a great match and it was symbolic because again you have this is like the birth of of Raffarin. His kind of play. Call dominance in this. Totally kind of pulsing off of his. You know the best steak or two at the time we had people like Carlos Moya one Ferrara Cowdrey. Kara in a sort of all very good establish trae which just as soon as Raff kind of started working his magic. He'd I guess it kind of became almost impossible. Perhaps to argue against for being the best. Geico

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