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Words. One. Traffic problems, nooses hung. That's what I'm trying to. Yeah okay. And he kinda got into so Jesse Jackson territory there. Why was it in the stall at all? I mean that's a Jesse Jackson's. Case Bubba Wallace ever wound up in that stall in that garage than they've got the racist news. They're hanging waiting for him. I. That's the line of thinking for Al Sharpton a good thing for Al Sharpton. Those he's got so much credibility. He's dead on every time. Did you know yeah dead on yet? A head king diamond. Court, Jester, who said the? NASCAR and what? Richard Petty motorsports get ready for the Al Sharpton Shakedown. Because that's what's happening here. He's not going to let this go. That's a that's a great point. Well, did he let? Did he let the Duke Lacrosse Team? Thing go. No, did he let to WANNA Brawley go. No, he's he's. He continues no matter what no matter. What? It's still racist incident facts don't matter men not in twenty two one the least. He's done this over and over and over again, accusing people of of really horrible things. And had no idea what he was talking about. Turned out to be wrong. He's never apologized to my knowledge for any of them. No including to WANNA Brawley. That whole incident you ruined people's lives there. Go back and look what happened to the Duke Lacrosse players I mean that was despicable. And that was an iffy incident from the very beginning as well so. Continue here! Here's the here's the sad thing with with the bubble. Wallace situation is that the news was only the beginning. They have found so much in his garage. That isn't really getting a lot of traction that I. Think we need to discuss here on the program. Somebody needs to point out. All of the hate filled the. Paraphernalia that's been showing up in his garage. Let's not hide it. There you go right there. looking at someone someone left KKK hoods next to the water cooler in bubbas garage. That Triangle Cups if you're listening on cast. But that's not where it stopped. Obviously Oh, man! That's a burn cross crushed stall. Some people would call it a tire iron, but clearly to me. That's straight up a burnt cross strait straight up wall. My Gosh, not a white hood, a White Hood also found in a bubble walls. There's no denying. Node and look, it's even got little slits in to hall. So yeah, so if you have a really wide is, they would see through those. Case you're listening to podcasts. That's the front end of a car. This is the greatest mean right here. I love this bubble wallace best race card driver.

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