Elijah McClain's mother says officers 'murdered' my son


Longer protesters and demonstrators and activists continue fighting for black lives. The more stories of police killings of black people seem to be coming to light and pressure is now mounting for a new investigation. Into the death of Elijah McCain. It happened after an encounter with three officers last August in Aurora, Colorado. Go to the family. The 23 year old was out buying ice tea when somebody called 911 claiming that MacLean was wearing a ski mask and quote acting weird. His family says, Yeah, he was wearing a mask, but it was to deal with social anxiety. Within 15 minutes, He was put in a chokehold and then injected with a powerful sedative. CBS's David Begnaud has the story. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop. I have the right stuff because you're being suspicious. Rely on I'm going whole relax, or I'm going to have to change this situation. The district attorney investigating the case says that Elijah McClane dismissed the officers requests for him to stop. The 23 year olds family says he was just walking home. He was listening to music. When Aurora, Colorado police approached him last August, the D A. Says McLane was carrying a plastic bag when police tried to pat him down and he refused. He's then heard pleading with the police as they tackle him and use a choke hold on him. Paramedics later arrived at the scene. A medic gave McClane ketamine to sedate him. McLane was taken to the hospital. Three days later, he was pronounced brain dead. 10 months after McLane's death, more than two million people have signed a petition calling on Colorado officials to fire the three officers involved. So far, the Aurora Police Department has declined. CBS News is request for comment. Dave Young is the one who decided not to charge the officers were the actions of the officers justified legally. Yes, Mr Young. Do you believe there was a moment in this where the officers could have de escalated a situation? Absolutely. 100%. They could've done a 1,000,000 things different didn't need to die on and the fact that he died does not warrant the basis for criminal charges in the body camera video cops or heard saying that MacLean tried to take one of their guns. He went for his gun. Mari Newman represents McClain's family. Don't you think if you really had grab someone's gun, we would see fingerprints ended the lifted from the gun. Did you find any evidence that corroborates the officer who said he reached for the gun? I had no evidence to cut. Predict that Shin in McLean is Elijah's mother. They? They're bullies with badges. He wanted to help people. He was a massage therapist. He not only heal others that he killed himself. He was able to accept love give love various forms. According to the district attorney's report, the medical examiner was unable to determine a cause of death. It is important to note that walking around with a ski mask is not illegal, and when you go back to the 9 11 call, the caller didn't say that Elijah did anything illegal. He said. Hey, there's a guy wearing a mask. He kind of is waving his hand. Seems a little strange. You might want to check it out. He says He might be a good guy might be a bad guy. When the police responded instead of observing. Instead of watching hanging back for a bit, the police moved in immediately to stop him. And everything went self from there.

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