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D. FAM H. D. N. A. M. New York with the biggest civil rights protests in a generation or more it seems that white people are finally starting to come to terms with the presence and harsh realities of systemic racism we had a mentor years ago who said if you can get three white people with no people of color present to speak out against racism you've done revolutionary work I I didn't believe it until I tried today on the New Yorker radio hour a conversation with an anti racism trainer it's okay to have your culture it's okay to be who you are in the world it's not okay to impose your way of thinking on everybody else and that's hard we'll also hear about the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the fate of the daca program for the immigrants who are protected by that's on the New Yorker radio hour just ahead live from NPR news arginine Herbst in Atlanta the district attorney says investigators are looking into the shooting death of a shard Brooks by police over the weekend the incident has sparked widespread protests in the city Emily green from member station W. eighty E. has more across the city protesters are demanding an end to what they say is excessive use of force by the police after appearing to Peter out the protest regained steam following Friday night's shooting of Richard Brooks he was found asleep in his car in the drive thru lane at Wendy's police attempted to handcuff him for driving under the influence video shows that Brooks grabbed one of the officers tasers and was running away when he turned back and pointed the taser at the officer the officer shot and killed him Atlanta's police chief has resigned both the mayor and district attorneys say they believe the officers used excessive force more protests are expected this evening in front of Atlanta police department headquarters for NPR news I'm Emily green in Atlanta and the officer who shot and killed Brooks has been fired another officer has been placed on administrative leave in Germany thousands of people have taken to the streets and anti racism protest for the second weekend in a row as as me Nicholson reports demonstrators observed covert nineteen physical distancing measures anti racist demonstrators formed a human chain through Berlin on Sunday that's run more than five miles from the Brandenburg gate to the borough of my code standing six feet apart participants links themselves to each other using ribbons forming what organizes cooled a ribbon of solidarity according to police estimates five thousand people took part according to the organizes there were twenty thousand the German capital has recently lifted coronavirus restrictions on the size of demonstrations for NPR news I'm as Medical Center in Berlin an Amazon fresh employee is suing the E. commerce giant for unsafe working conditions at its San Francisco warehouse over pandemic precautions from member station KQED Shannon Lynn has more the lawsuit filed Thursday alleges that the Amazon fulfillment center by the porch to San Francisco violated local and state health laws an employee who fills grocery and other central orders for home delivery says equipment and bodysuits were not routinely sanitized and workers could not maintain social distancing while trying to meet their quota of scanning sixty items per hour Jeannie Anderson is the employee's attorney she says her clients warehouse managers and and some corporate office representatives do not improve conditions even after the city's police department inspected the facilities and made recommendations Amazon did not return requests for comment for NPR news I'm Shannon Lynn in San Francisco Amazon did offer some employees paid time off for a period of time during the pandemic you're listening to NPR news and this is WNYC in New York I'm John Carlson early voting is underway for new York's June twenty third primary elections voters are choosing candidates for the democratic presidential primary as well as for state and congressional offices seventy nine polling sites are open in the five boroughs until next Sunday Rebecca lafon voted yesterday at our sign site at Brooklyn College and said she was in and out in under ten minutes it wasn't there wasn't like long lines I went in and I got out quickly and efficiently so it was.

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