Verizon joins ad boycott of Facebook over hateful content


Hi Mike Rossi are reporting Verizon joins the bride an ad is splash boycott mountain of Facebook it's at over both hateful Disneyland content in California Verizon and the is Magic joining Kingdom a boycott in Florida of advertising the ride on is Facebook tied to the theme in of a campaign the movie song to pressure of the south the company to nineteen do more forty six to keep movie racist that features and violent racist stereotypes information off and its tropes platform extolling is the the old hash tag south stop is mighty hate for profit satisfactorily campaign according is supposed to uncle Remus to last through disease July now changing other the theme advertisers to one based on who the have princess pledged and to boycott the frog Facebook the two thousand Instagram nine and movie other company that features services a black female include lead outdoor this gear comes companies in the midst Patagonia of the worldwide the north acknowledgment face and of R. racial III disparities in a statement Disney Facebook though says executive the change Carolyn in splash Iverson mountain said has been the in the company works remains since committed last to year purging I'm hateful Oscar content wells Gabriel from its services hi Mike Rossi up

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