046 - Live Life the Way You Want It: Danny Polo - burst 07


The episode on Youtube. And at the very end of the episode. They're talking about like okay, so they're like other, and they're having different conversations. And Corey is talking Abou a painting that to Pango wanted him to look at independence talking about. Some guy that she thought would like fulfill her needs better than court. Like you know. And So in one part of their conversation, Corey's like. I understand like an understand what you're seeing this painting and like. But I normally can't see these things i. need you to teach me, you know. And to paying the looks at court his leg, but it's just the painting like we're real and. Like, that's all that matters. Wow and like. at the end of the day like I can write my ass off. I can like make these music Nike. Do whatever, but at the end of the day it's it's just really matters is like. The relationship and like. What's Real, you know, wow. Spoken like a true artist. I'm over here I need. To Dad my is a little bit. Yes so, that's I don't know and so that that little by little snippets actually in the song. And so. I don't know that so I just wanted to slap that name on the Arden's just the painting. That's really special, so if you can you know because I'm sure so. Many of your fans will probably want to know this one. Slash, who are these songs EP were they all about? I mean. bulk of of just a painting is about You know this one relationship that ended last year. which is kind of been the thing that keeps on giving because you just can't get away from it. not in a bad way, and all of just 'cause like. I. Don't know it's one of those things that I'm still figuring out but Yeah, you know. Sometimes some things just don't work out certain way YOU WANNA pugh, and even even it's the right thing to do. At the moment still sucks, and I don't know I just don't I didn't never felt like it was the end of the story, so I felt like. I was just going in the gaps refer.

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