Hour 1 - JC Tretter (06-16-20) - burst 04


But Roger Goodell was front and center last night as well with Rob Man for the baseball commissioner, and it feels like Roger Goodell and I don't know this for a fact because I don't know Roger Goodell. He hasn't been on our show in seven years yearly seven. But WHO's counting? Is trying to save his legacy. I don't know how important is legacy is to it, but the Colin Kaepernick situation. It feels like is about his legacy. What has changed here? Kapernick Scott and older. Have we got wiser? Now you have Jj Watt. Baker Mayfield? They're going to kneel. Bill O'Brien a head coach going to kneel. The NFL does it. Act they react. And I think they're reacting to all of this.

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