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The Day We Zoom'd With Katy Perry and Jonas Brothers - burst 46


Rolled off onto the floor. Uncle Johnny congratulations on everything and is it. Officially August fourteenth the the album or is it just a rumor Mary. I wanted to actually announce it on the radio. So if you're announcing it it's official okay August fourteenth for the album which we need. We need a little album right this very minute. But let's play the days before that but this one is the first one daisies perfect. We love you Katie. Congratulations on everything. We'll see you soon. Okay Indiana small told me not be done those sticks and stones showed him? I build a house. He tell me that I'm crazy. Never let him change to become a man days days. Yeah include The was down to his Dixon's zone Jordan could build a house. He tell me that I'm crazy. Netherlands change to the common days. Day Zero the this one and seven billion. Why fifty. Now Elvis Duran. What is it with these people Elvis Duran and the morning show Elvis story the morning show? This is my favorite my favorite video to kick off weekend. I if you follow me on twitter can you tell me how do I get this onto my My instagram I never figured out how to put twitter stuff on instagram. But anyway the video these little kids sharing the Orange Soda and the laughing their asses off. This is how I want. I WanNa weekend like these kids. We're having at Elvis Duran on twitter. I tweeted over two and a half million people. Viewing it already. So it's all over their faces and their look at them laughing. They won't stop laughing. So what are we doing? Oh happy birthday to Sandra Day. She's a great mom. A great girlfriend had that going forward had mercy Sandra. Can we have a group meeting? Is it okay if I do people listening? Hate it when we bring our personal lives onto the show. But we're going to do it anyway so we were talking about the fact that there are so many of us on this show when one of us is not here the rest of us go on and have a show right right right right right so we were thinking since we've been we've gone a long time. We've been working. And maybe it's okay for us to individually take a day a personal day. Okay with me going I. I will go ahead and bite the bullet and and sacrifice by take. Maybe I'm thinking about taking Monday off as a personal day. Okay Cool You. You will be here. Of course under an nate nate. You'RE GONNA do the show Monday right if I if I don't come on. You'll be fine shoes elvis if you choose to stay in bed whatever we'll do the show without you. It's no big deal now. I haven't decided yet because that's the good news about you. Know having a studio in your house like we all have now I wake up morning to go screw. It might as well do the show at all rolled out. Yeah I don't know but you know I think I think it would work just fine but I want everyone else. You have to take a day off eventually to after. I'm going to take the Monday after no more. Morial Day Evans you dum dum dum dum. Foggy doesn't want to take a day off. He says the whole show will fall apart if he is not doing the show. No I just. I realized that I'm only going to sleep until seven thirty because my two furry little fellows have to go outside some willingness sleep till seven thirty studio my house. There's nothing else I can do. I'll be in here by seven forty five so I might as well just work. What are your thoughts about all this condie on the same page as froggy? I don't have little creatures that are going to wake me up at seven thirty but my body is GonNa wake me up anyway so Daniel feeling on this. Well you know me if you let me sleep sleep till ten eleven twelve. I'm Peter King waffle and I'll go back to bed. I can sleep all day. So that's the extra time straight nate. What are you thinking I agree? I mean there's really not a hell of a lot to do so you know. Just get up. Do a show do what you want. Maybe sleep in not a lot to do when you feel like it. Can we have an option for that? Ring the microphone Elvis. Just we can't have in when you have a time when you want and show great. That's GONNA be a problem. Why what's the problems carry? The problem is going to be that seeing that you guys are working from your houses and that broadcast equipment is one press of a power button away. You might wake up. Let's say seven forty five Elvis on your day off and you like feel compelled to get on the microphone and then you wind up working on your day off. It's impossible to separate yourself whereas me. I'm coming to the studio. Every DAY WITH NATE. So one day all. Wouldn't you like to take a day off? Wouldn't you like scare? You need a day off look at you. I do also needed straightening. Wouldn't you like a day off to drive all the way in from Connecticut Connecticut so far away away? Yeah it's like Oz no we we all would like a day off. That are the few of his that are coming in here. All right but everyone else with the studios in their homes. They have guilted me into so. I'm going to be on Monday then fine but when you wanted do the show scary. Knight's still have to come in. I would say hey everybody. We're off on Monday. None the show needs to be on ABC agreed. But it's hard for one person to take a day off when the other people are depending upon them being there. One of nate all due respect. I mean we probably could swing the show without you there. Yeah

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