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Most Americans retirement savings were low before the pandemic


Want to start with the Fed and this kind of almost PR tour. That Jerome Powell has been on. He's basically saying you know. Listen I did my part. The markets are stable and now congress. The ball is in your court. We are as we are speaking awaiting a vote on this three trillion dollar bill in the house. And I WANNA go to you first. Kate what do you think that actually starts to look like? There's a dead on arrival bill in the House in Palace saying get moving. What comes next well right. We know that That the bill. That's being put forward by by House. Democrats or that has been put forward as sort of an opening bid Senate Republicans and the White House really called for this. Wait and see approach. They have different priorities. Democrats want a lot more Spending to help states and cities and they want to extend some of the The aid for households like unemployment benefits and more have more direct stimulus checks to people and some of these Republicans might be open to other things. They've been really. They've been really skeptical. But I think that you know officials said at the time that the cares act passed of this last big bill that it included enough aid to help the economy through roughly the next eight weeks. So you know that's not a long way off If officials are sort of waiting to figure out if they need to do more You know they need to negotiate a new package. They need to vote on it. They need to start getting that money out. So I think that You know the message from Powell is really Don't wait have a Figure out what you're GONNA do if the economy doesn't really bounce back as as administration officials have said that they

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