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The Day We Zoom'd With Katy Perry and Jonas Brothers - burst 49


Earlier. This morning it could be felt by people in at least three California's cities that we know of right now the US Geological Survey says the quake was centered near the tiny town of Mina. It's about two hundred eighty miles northwest of Vegas. No word yet. Injuries or Damage Cook County Illinois. Now has the most covered nineteen cases in the country. Passing Queens County. New York over two thousand cases were added yesterday bringing the total in their county over fifty. Eight thousand four hundred. The county makes up sixty eight percent of the deaths related to the virus in Illinois and we talked about this a little bit earlier online. Shopping is through the roof. We've all been wondering. How much are people buying? And apparently they're buying a lot. We will have purchased so much online that in April ecommerce sites on more traffic every single day of the month than they did on Black Friday. So you're not alone if you're out there. Buying Ron like some people are lots of people are doing it and those are three things. Thank you gone

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