Birth of the Urban Legend


Today I am going to take a look. At myths and one in particular that is huge a myth that is regarded debated by perhaps perhaps millions of people and it starts in Rome. No one could talk about the Catholic. Church without mentioning. Vatican City. Balance City is an independent city state within Rome. Italy is under full ownership sovereign authority and jurisdiction of the holy. See the area that occupies represents the smallest city state in the world coming in at one hundred ten acres with a population of about a thousand. It is ruled by a type of theocracy minister by the pope while the Holy See dates back to earliest Christianity. The Independent Vatican City state on the other hand didn't come into existence until February. The Eleventh Nineteen Twenty nine this is different from the papal that occupy most of Italy from seven fifty six to eighteen seventy. The Vatican walls were built to keep out pirates during the ninth century. Pirates were pillaging much of southern Italy when they sacked. Saint Peter's in eight forty. Six Pope Leo. The fourth decided he needed a little extra protection. A thirty nine foot wall was constructed around Leone City. An area which included the current Vatican's territory gradually when the threat receded. Many gates were opened in the walls. It was shortly after the wall was built but no connection. Eight fifty five to eight fifty eight that a new pope came into power. The story goes that a lady pontiff rained for a brief time in the ninth century. Disres- was a young woman who disguised herself as a man and entered religious training distinguishing herself as a scholar. She rose through the church ranks and elected Pope John. Eight the year eight five. She went onto rule for two years. Her gender always concealed but he flowery holy robes. Her secret was only revealed. Eight fifty eight when she unexpectedly went into Labor during a papal procession. Some accounts say she died in childbirth while others claim that her and raged followers dragged her behind a horse and stoned to death. Either would've been an appropriate response for the Times before you scoff at the idea of a female pope. Let me lay out some facts. The story of a female pope surfaced in the thirteenth century. Chronicles written by a couple of Dominican Friars then in the fourteenth century. She was mentioned in a book about famous women. Her image eventually graced paintings sculptures and Tarot cards for a short time. She was included in a collection of papal bus in. Italy's CNN Cathedral. Some historians dismissed Pope Joan as a myth that we go. Here's our myth citing that her supposed rain overlaps Pope Leo fourth and Pope Benedict third. Some scholars believe that she was had been expunged from the church history. One ancient scholar provides her nationality place of birth length of her pontificate as two years. Seven months and four days. Then there are some who say she didn't die immediately after giving birth instead she was deposed after her confinement and did penance for many years after her death she was buried in. Estonia were her son held the Office of Bishop generally today all sources a pope. Joan are thought to be nothing more than an urban legend yet. There are hints of a female Pope's existence in both art and architecture on the pillars and Saint Peter's basilica in Vatican City seven sculptures showing a woman's facial expression while going into labor can be found but wait in the oldest surviving com copy of the pump typical the official book of biographies of Popes during the early Middle Ages Pope Benedict. The third is missing completely then are medieval coins that show the likeness of Pope Jonas Elias. Yes there are and this is suggesting that she may indeed have existed. Science had proved that these coins are not fake when archaeological find has documents that Pope Joon US crown. Louis the second of as a holy Roman emperor eight fifty six. Although the available evidence seems to cast some doubts regarding the existence of Pope John. It is likely that some would continue to believe that this figure was real whether it's a piece of fiction or history detail. Pope Joan will most likely on until absolute physical documentation surface. It finally and the

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