In Minneapolis Louisville Atlanta


In Minneapolis Louisville Atlanta Los Angeles in hundreds of cities across the country people are taking to the streets and protesting expressing their pain anger and frustration I want my we demand change in this institutional racism and injustice that's been going on America against black people of minority people we can't stop we don't need a fire protection he's the most after the don't stand for the role of organizes like myself is to continue to beat the drum only think no one's listening because there's always planting seeds for hope for now the world for people to become a part of it before the chanting and marching and demands for change before police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse even the most peaceful crowds Ahmad arboretum was killed by two white men while jogging in Brunswick Georgia Brianna Taylor was killed by police in her own home in Louisville Kentucky and in Minneapolis Minnesota on may twenty fifth George Floyd was killed by an officer who put a need to his knack for eight minutes and forty six seconds

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