Don Shula: Miami Dolphins Super Bowl-winning head coach dies, aged 90


This the great don Shula who I met a couple of times in my career in sports has has died at ninety years old hall of fame coach Miami Dolphins known for the nineteen seventy to dolphins who were perfect seventeen and only team to do that as a coach she had three hundred and forty seven wins he was Sir respected by so many people and have some great quotes that I remember off the top of my head including success is not forever and failure isn't fatal and then this was good he said you know it's only fifty miles from Grand River to canton but it took me sixty seven years to travel that distance because of course he was talking about getting in the hall of fame and a lot of people reacted to the passing of don Shula because he was as I said very much a character very well loved and certainly one of the big contributors to the game ed and he made an impact on a lot of of people he wants to one party trophies with the dolphins he coached the dolphins to back to back titles in the early seventies he spent a couple of seasons in the NFL as a player for the Cleveland Browns the Baltimore colts the Redskins he was also the head coach of the colts but he's known for being the quarter century coach of the dolphins yeah and just all kinds of records especially that three hundred and forty seven career wins and that's pretty top in the NFL you join the three hundred club and guess who else is in the three hundred club there's only a couple of members George Halas from bears fame and the New England Patriots coach bill Belichick is in that same category but you know interesting any group in a very very events in the Grand River in the comment that he he made a getting into the hall of fame he grinned grew up in a very big family he's one of seven kids huh and even his his mother I guess was not really excited about him playing football so you for sure signature so he could play when he was in high school but legendary no doubt a life well

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