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Saint Laurent’s is ditching the traditional Fashion Month Calendar



Get down system news breaking news this week. I was pretty at. He can aback by the SUNOL announcement. Picking them back in a good way. Ya was although I guess in the last episode we'd been wondering whether big changes were actually going to end up happening so I guess there's your proof that's your answer so for anyone who doesn't know son. A Hall has decided to drop out of Paris fashion week and set its own pace for showing collections direction of the year. And it's going to pivot to adapt to the corona virus crisis and has said they told. Ww W D Saddam will said in a press. Release wd conscious of the current circumstances and it's waves of radical change. Santa has decided to take control of its pace and reshape. Its schedule creates Dr Anthony. Vaccarello said the violent impacted covered nineteen outbreak. Which has forced the closure of most of Santa Stores meant business as usual was not an option chief executive officer Francesca Valentini. Hinted that the brand famed for its spectacular outdoor women's catwalk shows set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower in Paris could still age a physical show at some point this year. But his favorite formats. They're more intimate and closely aligned. The final customer room. What do you think that means? It's such big news. I think that a house as respected and that does such exceptional job also needed such an exceptional job for its Shows has decided to to step down. Because that's a really really positive meaning that others will feel other smaller. Brands will feel like they can do the same without sounding like their brands in an unhealthy state. Because I feel like a lot of people will be worried about the way to investors and stuff at the same time as So that's also something to take into consideration when you're canceling big show and some of the big names of doing it gives a lot more room for others. I mean the rose also says that that's what they're going to be doing next season and I think this is a really positive outcome. I do that like brands. Moving away from the long lamented fares suck in place flashing. Schedules is a good thing. There is part of me. Worries that with brands. Big Sahel if they're off schedule but still in Paris are still gonNA maybe in completely off the mark with this that people are still gonna fly to Paris from other places to see that. But they're saying they're not showing. Well are they saying they're not showing? Yeah they said they're not doing a show could still stage a physical show at some point this year. Yeah at some point means one show instead of like the fashion week schedule. Which basically these three shows. Because that's two women or four shows to women's and men's which is from going from four to one is a big step. It's a big step back totally and I'm totally in agreement with that but I just worry that everything is going to become cruise collection competition e where big brands compete to have a more extravagant location or timing or whatever and then we're all just going to have to be on airplanes all the time in random directions and if that's what's going to happen? I would just rather we stick to the fashion week schedule because at least you just take one flight and then you go to Paris and you see the shows you know. That's the devil's advocate but bear in. Mind that that's if international flights have resumed. Which for the time being. It isn't the case and bronze will not have healthy budget. They used to fly people around on a whim as much as they used to. And I feel that for example a brand like Santa Hall would make sense to host an event of some kind in the form of a show. Something else every year in Paris. Because that's whether the house is located and you do have to find a way to promote and showcase what the designers creating certainly certainly so there is you have to be able to allow for some kind of formats. I think it's positive to see that it's going to be less than than it was and I really liked the idea of rethinking a system. That was so wrong but yeah I agree with you until we see what the outcome is. Exactly we can't really speculate county yet. No I assume you know what it occurs to me that some of our listeners might not beyond the fashion week circuit. I feel like I'd love you to go into a little bed and you're really up -cluded on the stuff as well. What about the fashion calendar is has been so wrong for so many years but especially in recent years? Can you speak to you kind of just touched on it? I think the competition for each brand to do bigger and better viral. Basically shows has become completely out of hand plus the fact that there are an increasing number of brands increasing number of people wanting to attend shows. Because it's good for positioning or like people just want to be seen their raw than the because they're actually you know helping promote the show itself and I also feel that we talked about this before. It's always fashion week somewhere and whereas they used to be only one week for each city it's now becomes so long and there's men's could chew and crews and then all the minor fashion weeks like Copenhagen and button and all the others that I can't think of the top of my head right now but I know there are loads of them. Do we really need a show format in an era which is increasingly digital. And when actually sitting front row to show would only be important if that show. It really is a proper added value to the brand. I think partly because of how exhausting has become for everybody and by everybody. I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about people who really work super hot during that time. So the bias. The brands you work super hard juryman time. Yeah at the end of the day. I'm just that to report I'm not Like I feel like there's a lot of pressure during those those busy busy busy times and having so many shows back to back over a period of a month then Rick 'cause two three times in Aghia and where every single time you have to travel to a different city and attend just absolutely absurd amount of events and shows parties all in the name of promoting a brown and it just turns into a ridiculous exercise which is actually quite just quite cringe and especially after everything. We've gone through in last in the last few weeks. I think it would be quite distasteful to return to

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