S OK. Is this the end of the Roger Stone legal saga?



Of things Eso President Trump commuted Roger Stone's sentenced last Friday. Stone had been convicted of offenses, including lying to Congress and witness intimidation. He had been sentenced to a bit over three years in prison. But he won't have to serve that time. Nor will he be placed on supervised release normally pay his $20,000. Fine s OK. Is this the end of the Roger Stone legal saga? It's not first of all, Ah, President Trump failed to commute Roger Stone's special assessment. Ah, small court fee of approximately $700 so he still got that That's a burden. Ah, and also he remains a convicted felon with all of the Ah limitations that that place is on him. So I'm sure that he will be angling for a full pardon to get rid of that to restore his right to. Ah Ah, serve on a jury. For all those shrewd lawyers who would want Roger Stone on their jury and to vote and so on. So why was this a commutation rather than a partner? I've seen some people suggesting that pardoning Roger Stone would have made it easier for various entities to compel him to testify. About the president. And so it would be to the president's advantaged only commute the sentence rather than pardoning him. Well,

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