Why you move dot com


Why you move dot com President Donald Trump's niece offers a scathing portrayal over uncle in a new book, claiming a toxic family for raising in North Statistic damaged man who poses an immediate danger to the public. Marielle Trump, a psychologist, writes that Trump's re election would be catastrophic and that lying and playing to the lowest common denominator, cheating and sowing division are the only things he knows. The book is called too much and never enough How my family created the world's most dangerous man. Mary Trump is the daughter of Trump's elder brother, Fred Jr. Who died after a struggle with alcoholism. In 1981. Publisher Simon and Shuster announced that it would be publishing the book. Two weeks early on July 14th after a New York appellate court cleared the way for the book's publication following a legal challenge. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany slammed the book, saying it's ridiculous. Absurd accusations have absolutely no bearing in truth.

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