Dallas - Texas Parents Still Struggling With School Plans Despite TEA Guidance


Education Agency is guidelines for students to return to school aren't sitting well with Texas educators, with many saying the plan doesn't go far enough to ensure safety. The TA is nine page guidance prioritizes health and safety on campuses while offering parents the option of remote learning. The Association of Texas Professional Educators doesn't think it goes far enough there. Mark Wiggins, a teepee is frustrated that TA has not heeded our call to provide more explicit guidance Texas teachers or hoping The school district's keep the doors locked until the pandemic subsides. Rob D'Amico's with the American Federation of Teachers start perhaps with remote instruction and see what we're facing later in August instead of earlier and obvious in Austin, Chris Fox News Radio 10 80 k. R. L D. And as we hear from NBC fives, MEREDITH Yeoman's parents, We still have some tough decisions to make here. It's going to be an absolute train wreck. Lawrence E. Vac is apparent in Frisco. Like many facing the tough decision about sending her kids back to school next month, it truly becomes Mental health versus physical health, and I don't know how to make that call. I truly don't know. Under TA guidelines issued Tuesday, every school district in Texas must offer daily in person classes. But parents can continue remote learning at any point in the semester. The guidelines also require masks be worn by students tendon up with exceptions and leaves flexibility for district's to decide what's best for them. There is a lot of complexity to his in Dallas Superintendant Mike Alina. Hostess says elementary students will wear face shields unexpected and when I don't get in a tussle with the family, but we're going to expect it. Re opening schools is reigniting discussion's over. Teachers safety to one Texas Teachers union, saying quote TA leadership is acting intentionally and recklessly with gross negligence by issuing guidance that does not take into account the fact that much of Texas is experiencing substantial community spread. There's no way there's just no way that they're not gonna have multiple shutdown. C back, says she understands the benefits of kids being in school. Doesn't want to sacrifice their health. I don't know how to make the right decision as parents statewide struggle to choose whether schools will be safe enough this fall

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