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So on top of that, if you think about it, that's for every any infection, whether it's asymptomatic, or not. 1.63 People out of every 100 are going to die on go. If you look at you know how where we've how many people have died so far on DH. Then you know what it would take to get the herd immunity that 80% exposure 70 to 80% exposure rate. There's there's a lot of death on the road to that. So Reality is like if you're for some reason, Okay with your neighbors and friends dying, maybe herd immunity is an option. I'm personally not okay with that. I was like my friend's family to stay alive through all of this, and it's And you know, at the end of the tunnel, we have vaccines. We have treatments that are being developed. People are working with, you know, undivided attention on this, And so there is going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The reality is for now we just need to settle into the new normal. I don't think wearing a mask is a huge price to pay to keep your friends and family stays. On DH, You know, just ultimately, Herd immunity is absolutely not an option on gun. Think it over. I couldn't No finishes out and we'll pick it up. We'll take. We'll pick it up. When we come back at in countries Herd immunity has been the plan. What what I loved about you seen you on TV. The story you said to me was really alarming and we re ran the numbers a couple of times and I was like, Could this really be riel? Then you said it definitely does throw cold water on the whole idea of reopening, and it's frustrating. It's sumer frustrating, but that doesn't change the reality. And I'm right there with you, Doctor. It's sauce. It's terrible, but you have to realize. What you're mad at right? And who you blame and what's to blame and not get distracted. We'll be right back. 7 50 10 Too late. Any questions? You can text himto 504 to 6. So 18 17. I'll pass them along the doctor Amy fee hand. Research scientists at auction ER and to recap if If you think herd immunity is the way to go. There's a lot of death between and overwhelmed hospital systems between here and there. Here's traffic on WWL. 70 over Cuba Being medical traffic center of Josh would out all river crossings. Traveling fun both directions this morning with all fairies. Also operating normally coming from Kenner and memory I 10 traffic. No delays between body Carrie Spillway Bridge in downtown at the Causeway Bridge, South bound, moving fine. You do have roadwork north bound again this morning in the left lane at mile Marker 19.7 and I tend from the East. No slowdowns getting over the high rise and that stays up to speed all the way to the posturing Expressway. The traffic tip

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