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We have a lot to talk about today. None of which involves Joe Rogan. So that's why here that's why you're here. You go ahead and hang up because we're not talking about that today whatsoever. Not were not Besides that you can hear conversations about that literally anywhere else but no one's about and all by every single man however that has mouth has spoken about that other guy so or written articles about it. I challenge you all those people that are listening right now to send us some thought leadership on this situation written or spoken about by a woman other than Cara Swisher because she did talk about it on her. Show mind you. That's a Co hosted. Show but anyway go ahead but don't send it to us because we don't care we don't care but no one talking about this news worthy item which is to show better. Hori is a much better story. This this is a news. Worthy item is about the show. Call Her Daddy. Don't want anybody in the chat right now. Everybody has anybody listen to the show. Call her daddy or are you familiar with their current drama in the chat on not in the actual show? 'cause I've been down a rabbit hole rabbit holes with this show. It's a show by a twenty six and twenty seven year old women so Fia and twenty eight. I believe just their names are Sophia. Alex even co hosting the show for while they with The network Barstool sports and as little as a few weeks ago they were best friends. I don't know if they were roommates or not. I thought they were. That's why I'm like going. I wonder who's living like so anyway. Keep going they were roommates. They were friends they were there. Show is about sexual health and basically talking about who they're having sex with dating nowadays and how it all works and whatever and connects. Do how what it's like. It's kind of like love. Line you guys but without Dr drew like there is no Dr drew. It's just the other guy. What's the other guy? Adam Adam Curle but now Adam Corolla has morphed into eight twenty six and twenty seven year old girl women and they are both like Adam Corolla talking about dating and sex and random things for an hour or so because sometimes our shows are really long. So that's the vibe of what it is it's and it's sort of like I think it's kind of like our show to some degree though jess accept that were old and we don't get as Risque about talking about sex specifically well because married. People don't do that in public. That's why but that is correct Because yeah yeah so at least these two Mary. People don't do it and probably some do but we don't so they were about to sign a renew their contract with Barstool sports which was their network and then somehow everything went to Shit and there are a couple articles that will post in the show notes so that you can read the entire saga but basically they went to sign when they went to renegotiate Sophia found out that Alex was making more money than her significantly. More like fifty thousand dollars more and that is because she added the show and does the social media marketing so quietly she she either negotiated or renegotiated a different salary. Now keep in mind. One of the makes Sophia salary was like four hundred sixty six thousand a year. Alex's was like five Oh five or something like that like it. Wasn't that much difference. But it was different. Believe they've found that out in the meeting and then a little cloudy about so so then. Sophia left that meeting and got another meeting with wonder with the help of a friend that they're calling superman no not a friend a boy. Her boyfriend which I think is problem here. Boyfriend of the other girl is now knowing by yeah. He's now Yoko by setting up a meeting with wondering with with like he probably what happened is we had to guess. He buzzed and Sophie as ear. But how this should be making more money and that he could get them more money and maybe even get a commission if I guess and so he got the meeting with wondering which Alex didn't want only Sophia wanted that and then to make a very long story short not that we have to but just to sum up so guys know what we're talking about because they took that other meeting Barstool. Sports started talking about how they're greedy and hungry and ungrateful and then Sophia and Alex talk amongst themselves and realize that they were just valuing their show and what they wanted out of it differently so then Al and signed with Barstool sports without Sophia. She now has her own show called. Call Her Daddy. And Sophia does not exist in the podcasting space as of now. I guess unless she's going to do our own show wondering about summit up kind of but there was a little I mean the latest episode for. Call her daddy as of right now you guys. I don't know what number it is. You can actually hear directly from the founder of Barstool. Sports like he breaks it down all of the stuff that she just said from his point of view. So there are. It's not exactly how you mentioned it but I do appreciate you like following. It is just like some some nuances then. Also Sophia has a excuse me. Alex has a thirty plus minute video on her youtube channel where she also breaks it down step by step of how everything went down why. She made the decision that she made and she's completely transparent.

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