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SpaceX to become the first private company to send humans to space


Here we are just one day away from the dawn of a new era in space flight the SpaceX falcon nine rocket is ready to blast off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and it's due to send two NASA astronauts into space making the SpaceX rocket the first private rocket first private company overall the launch humans into orbit we've been counting down to this historic milestone in space exploration in our launch America coverage and mark Strassman is at the Kennedy Space Center where there are I hate to say this mark growing concerns about the weather say it ain't so Tony unfortunately it is so you can look at these overcast skies and they could be the spoiler for tomorrow's launch but whenever it happens this test flight will be a dramatic and important milestone in U. S. human space travel and it will all happen on launch pad thirty nine A. behind me the same pad that's an Apollo eleven to the moon right now the SpaceX rocket and crew capsule it will carry two veteran NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley that travel from here to the international space station both for shuttle veterans who have flown twice before to the space station only this time a private company will take them and that has never been done before and that would open a new era of commercial space travel but one factor that neither NASA nor SpaceX can control is the weather there is right now a sixty percent chance that conditions will be good enough to watch tomorrow but it's not just the weather here on site that matters meteorologists are tracking conditions up the east coast and here's why if the launcher run into a significant issue the in flight abort system would propel the capsule into the Atlantic and therefore the seas have to be reasonably call if the weather is not good for lunch tomorrow the next opportunity to watch would be Saturday afternoon Tony hi will whatever happens mark they will be blasting into the future though duly noted they're gonna blast in the future in some very retro looking uniforms in a retro looking capsule as well very cool stuff top

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