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Cardano My Trade Of The Month


It really hasn't had that much major. It's not trended. Well is dropping. Look confused to be honest. It's up three percent yesterday. Closing at two hundred and fourteen. Dole's on the is up half percent today as I speak at two forty one fifteen but yes doesn't ask for Al Trendy but this better markets out there for modest and that's what I'm focusing more attention base vigorously also closed up early point one percent A closed the die at one ninety two spot eight five currently. We've pretty much flat on that number child. Let Him all that interesting. The moment eat up like going well yesterday. Up to eight percent closing a forty four spot. Seven five four hour here on this lot. Corn perpetual doesn't look too bad. It's just not really beautiful That I like to say when I am looking for that. Thank said the followed by the sixty now. There is an offshoot of the trend. There as I talked to you doing this. Podcast actually drawing in some levels. Because maybe we'll get a boost up. The answer is neither Lineup so it's really about just whiting. I'd I love that. Trend SAIMAA is up half percent forty five dollars on the noise. It's worth keeping an eye on though I will say that over the weekend. They us while had a pretty good die on a pretty good start today as well. Yesterday was only at one point five. We're already at one point five. Today we sitting at tweedle sixty five cents. A little bit with A little bit of momentum coming in to that and looking much better not the best child at their bonnets. Three point six percent Roy. Yesterday on the clause closing at seventeen dollars seven cents right now. It is not on my watch list. It does have some NAS momentum. I do WanNa see a four hour. Pullback that's the that's that Kaduna the big dog. The one that made me happy. Yesterday I guy in of seventeen point seven percent on the clothes closet. Six point four cents. Why Lightness Joe across the Youtube and watch the video. That's getting uploaded. It will be that when you get there because it will break down. Exactly why shows Donna? Revenue else Took took a tried during the day on. Donna took prophecy PERP on In the evening as well which I am currently now along any profit on Skylab Kaduna twice of locked in a big wedge of Prophet it cannot be lost now. It is a fantastic tried. It's definitely much trade all the wake now. Well what are waiting for now? Not a great deal. It's just run so hot and fast on. There's not much for me to do at the moment other than just manage the position that I still have running theorin. Classic has jumped out of the bolt. Today while broke through a bit of resistance carly today it's up four and a half percent at seven dollars marina seven dollars and eighteen cents yesterday closed. It's only at one point. Two percent yesterday closing at six dollars. Eighty six cents. That's a little bit of a one that got away because there was a lovely little breakout level. Again it's shining the trivia. It just didn't quite get the third tests that are needed to shine because if it had of.

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