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Well It was a very eventful will twenty four hours really and for all the right reasons if if you are not all ready Following may on Fi spoke on Youtube. The suggestion get across there and have a look at the video that stayed on the t x perpetual contracts of pain focusing on little to watch there for you guys and it's free so go and check out what. I want to show you this. I want to show you try that I took yesterday. I WanNa give you the reasoning behind it. I WANNA give you an entire understanding of what I'm looking for and why I'm looking for a thing. It's going to help already do. If you're a trade it will certainly help at least perspective. If you're not trading the I tried that's fine but I think it will give you a lovely to perspective is to try to Tom's and the power of cryptocurrency. Because look let's be honest. It can just flip so quick. It concerns a quick. You can make your money of the month in a single twenty four hour period and that's pretty much. What happened for me yesterday? So I'm very happy. I'm feeling very good and I wanNA talk through the market among because obviously you guys have made very aware that I've been talking about that ninety nine thousand eighteen. We broke up through that yesterday. I before. Sorry and then. We've we've seen that continuation push on through knuckles. Bitcoin did have a good day yesterday. You know another fall through full percent die before full percent To goodful percent days. That's really nice to say really really great stuff. Nothing knocking it out of the park but if you recall my said that little turn of trend at nine thousand I tain well. That guy is about roughly a thousand bucks to our resistance. Plenty of money. We made in that period time. So that's what's been going on and not only we say. Bitcoin move but we seen the rest of the market. Move very very well indeed. So I'm very happy with the way. Things are looking shopping at very very nicely. Does this mean bitcoin GonNa kick going? Higher probability was stuck more to the upside at the minute. But this is crypto. This is a mock can never know what's going to happen. All I can ever do is tried based off the probabilities that I have been using for years. That that's really all of somebody told me today. That some cow don was endorsed by Goldman Sachs. I haven't gone on proof that or anything like that MS site. Someone something that somebody told me that could have been move Kudzanai. But it wasn't what got man I go before that because I had a trade I got an opportunity can can technical analysis get it like you know. Tell you before these things no of course not but I can tell you this if you trading with the trend. You're usually going to be traveling in the direction that there's more than likely going to be used. That's that's what I found anyway and A my experience as a all we're trying to do is use a trading strategies to get us into the market and the market will do what the market does so very very good Currently we are down point seven ovalles percent on Bitcoin. A theory in right now is two hundred and twenty two dollars. Six ends up point seven percent yesterday. Fought point eight percent move. Really Nice moved once again. They by the theory pushing on through a level of resistance. That resistance was sitting running around that two hundred seventeen dollars on the daily now has an option once a guy with a high a high coming in yesterday and we push a little bit tonight as far as training opportunities for me right now. I'm waiting for pullbacks really am they're pulled back in the cradle on the four hour yesterday as well as on the two hour really. It'll pull bucks. But the problem was didn't have enough trended to be actually in the market trading that so I didn't take that that's what took took. Currently with exile paves slow slowing pay. Gee Whiz I wish it would do something. It's not done a lot for quite a while but that doesn't mean that a warrant do something still is except pay is still a big company that we currently down point up. Point one of a percent sitting Ronaldo's of twenty cents and that's kind of what we closed yesterday twenty cents. It was up one point three percent. It's got to push on. It's got to get above the high of twenty point eight. We get through that twenty point night will do have something of a stronger trend at that moment. Actually say some follow-through buying on Exa pave. The tank is pretty Pretty Flat Bitcoin. Cash has been quite messy on the daily. Now for what? Gee Whiz? That's April through. I land night to be fair. It really hasn't had that much major. It's not trended. Well is dropping. Look confused to be honest. It's up three percent yesterday. Closing at two hundred and fourteen. Dole's on the is up half percent today as I speak at two forty one fifteen but yes doesn't ask for Al Trendy but this better markets out there for modest and that's what I'm focusing more attention base vigorously also closed up early point one percent A closed the die at one ninety two spot eight five currently. We've pretty much flat on that number child. Let Him all that interesting. The moment eat up like going well yesterday. Up to eight percent closing a forty four spot. Seven five four hour here on this lot. Corn perpetual doesn't look too bad. It's just not really beautiful That I like to say when I am looking for that. Thank said the followed by the sixty now. There is an offshoot of the trend. There as I talked to you doing this. Podcast actually drawing in some levels. Because maybe we'll get a boost up. The answer is neither Lineup so it's really about just whiting. I'd I love that. Trend SAIMAA is up half percent forty five dollars on the noise. It's worth keeping an eye on though I will say that over the weekend. They us while had a pretty good die on a pretty good start today as well. Yesterday was only at one point five. We're already at one point five. Today we sitting at tweedle sixty five cents. A little bit with A little bit of momentum coming in to that and looking much better not the best child at their bonnets. Three point six percent Roy. Yesterday on the clause closing at seventeen dollars seven cents right now. It is not on my watch list. It does have some NAS momentum. I do WanNa see a four hour. Pullback that's the that's that Kaduna the big dog. The one that made me happy. Yesterday I guy in of seventeen point seven percent on the clothes closet. Six point four cents. Why Lightness Joe across the Youtube and watch the video. That's getting uploaded. It will be that when you get there because it will break down. Exactly why shows Donna? Revenue else Took took a tried during the day on. Donna took prophecy PERP on In the evening as well which I am currently now along any profit on Skylab Kaduna twice of locked in a big wedge of Prophet it cannot be lost now. It is a fantastic tried. It's definitely much trade all the wake now. Well what are waiting for now? Not a great deal. It's just run so hot and fast on. There's not much for me to do at the moment other than just manage the position that I still have running theorin. Classic has jumped out of the bolt. Today while broke through a bit of resistance carly today it's up four and a half percent at seven dollars marina seven dollars and eighteen cents yesterday closed. It's only at one point. Two percent yesterday closing at six dollars. Eighty six cents. That's a little bit of a one that got away because there was a lovely little breakout level. Again it's shining the trivia. It just didn't quite get the third tests that are needed to shine because if it had of fire off if it had would have had another prophet in but alas keep it in the list because there is a nostrand debt and I do like the look of this on IOS running at top ten. Hit Sean at half a percent today. Not much going on today. But yesterday. Three percent up closing at one point five one sense still crab will a bit tron. It's kind of looking in lock. What exile in in what I mean by that is not very interesting at the moment

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