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Historic SpaceX, NASA Launch Postponed Due To Weather | Deadline | MSNBC - MSNBC


York and the first attempt by a private company to launch people into space will have to wait a few more days SpaceX scrubbed its scheduled launch yesterday to NASA astronauts say scraps along because of weather ABC's gio Benitez has marked with bad weather bearing down it was touch and go right up until the last few moments before that historic launch and SpaceX unfortunately we're not going to lunch today but still moments we've never seen before in America veteran NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley walking out in their designer flight suits giving the thumbs up their wives were also decorated astronauts and their children giving them air hogs wishing them the best of luck the crew taking tussles for the traditional ride up to the launch pad that emotional moment with their families putting their hands on the windows the astronauts arriving on launch pad thirty nine A. the same one that sent people to the moon and launch the space shuttle program bacon in her early boarding SpaceX's crew dragon atop the falcon nine rocket SpaceX created by you lawn mosque looking to become the first private U. S. company to put astronauts into orbit and there they are in view of the launch pad so no doubt he's looking at the window president trump flying by aboard Air Force One getting a spectacular view but with less than twenty minutes to go launch aboard and once again that is ABC's gio Benitez they will try to launch once again coming up this Saturday

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