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Father. I think it takes like a leap of faith for the average person to take those steps in and kind of go out on a limb and say okay. I'm GONNA like I said. Strip away some of the detail of home and and and see where that takes me in display such a perfect example of that and it gives me an drew a little confidence to do a little bit more. Erica's we're just in sort of our lake. An older Delta Mike the Nineteen Forties. And it's a mid century. I would say. Would you like `rational traditional because it was a flip too so Added a lot of at like whatever was trendy at the time in terms and things like that but just think it's motivating to see done differently and I feel transported when I watch your show. Ya think yeah. Yeah that's the coolest thing about your spaces is like it does feel like home and it's warm and inviting but at the same time you always feel like you're on vacation so like those kind of spaces that you walk into are just always amazing and put you in the right head space and that's really big to me. I mean it's more than unger. Obviously right now which unlike hope enough people made their space loudly. Because we're all in but like I would say you know you go on vacation. What two times a year? If you're lucky so where where you live at home should be your favorite place to be. So how can you do that? And you know what you love from your favorite trips. What are you about to room like all right? We love to you know natural elements that came there. Bring that into your home. Design is not precious fun. I literally walked home as walking my daughter the other day and there is a palm branch that fell and I just dragged at home behind the stroller. And it's now in my house and it looks massage. That makes me so happy. I saw something on instagram. The other day that I told the woman I still yet to do by someone collected a bunch of Just natural elements like sticks and branches in flower petals and freed created a piece of art. Yup and it was beautiful and I was like. Wow that would be such a fun project to do. And you know you don't even realize how much that helps your kind of psyche is having things you love in your home in these kind of bringing natural elements like do not need to go get a roses like go cut a couple of branches from the tree in the neighborhood and put it in a vase and I mean just that really brightens up your day. I think you know I've been Like on my instagram. I haven't really posted anything on week of just been kind of getting surviving figuring out all of this life that we are currently in but I think this week. I'm going to start posting tips of things you can do. While you're at home like rearranging your shelving and you know would wear. What do you have the of some paint in your house?.

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