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The Best Methods to Capture the Writing Downloads with Espionage Thriller Author MC Fox


How that forms the perfect environment for a fast paced thriller given the currently unstable political climate as well as the Russian hacking of the election. She knew that now is the time for a spy story. Set in the world of political cyber espionage led by a fierce female protagonist. We can't wait to hear more about her and there are several. John Ras that she's exploring with her new book. Welcome Mc Fox thank you. Thank you for having Christina. Well given the current political climate. I mean Javer think this was gonNA come out of the hacking of the election and all the craziness with the way in The way it all fell together was just unbelievable. I thought about this book actually several years ago and what I was hearing about Russian and the things that they were doing their politically with some of the countries that used to be part of the former Soviet republic And I just said wow. And then as I was wrapping up. The book and editing was when the hacking started to come out so we added it. That was a last minute. Add like oh. This is great. And it was a last minute add. Wow like how? So you've been studying. What do you have a background in? History background in political science. What's your background interested in counting? But my interest is really writing. I love to write a very creative very imaginative. I can imagine writing a crime or a spy thriller. It must be a tough John. Row with all the research that you have to do everything from like weapons and CIA and Law Tell us about that process about making the illusion. Real a some of it was also through help from a friend but trying to piece together the type of weapon you WANNA use. You really have to start to take the branches within the CIA and What what is there likely role? It's it's a lot of work especially when you have no real background in that so you really like well. She's not going to be carrying like a big weapon you know and then I'm thinking I wanted to be a smaller weapon but that's powerful you know. And and that was the driver for that Yeah I had one of what am I right of friends. They connected us with the one of the writers from homeland who writes that television show and she said that they were flown out to D. C. Maybe I should share. This shouldn't but they were flown out to sea and they actually spoke with a former. Us by a former Russian spy and they were. He got how they used to now. They're friends oddly. Enough each other stories about that and I was like how that is. It just seems like the most bizarre thing bizarre relationship. Yeah Yeah but that's what they were saying like. That's really what it was like. They knew who the other spies were. And I was like that can't be real but apparently it was and that's how to write. That show was being like they actually went into the CIA headquarters and everything to to right the show I was like. Wow that sounds totally cool so I was wondering if you had any kind of I had gone to DC. But I did not go into. Headquarters had gone to DC to get a kind of lay the land and something that they actually have their for tourists as they have this like spy game that you can do and you get these different clues such have to you find to get to the next and the next the next game over was actually. Kinda cool to do but it. Kinda helped me with okay. So what are they going through? Where what is their mind thought their process. I've been reading a lot of certain watching a lot of shows. Gave me a two but going through that actual experience Gave me a lot to yes. So DC is I haven't been in DC for a few years. But I hear it's just a different world like recently like what it's become I can imagine I can. I haven't been there in well. It was a couple years ago now for the book. But I haven't been there and not with what's going on now I can just imagine. Everything is just shutdown. Yeah Yeah and the The spy game thing though sounds really fascinating like you hear of panic rooms and those kind of simulated experience. Yes yes yes sounds like really really cool like it was cool? I really liked it. Yeah it was cool even just like even if like I wasn't doing it for the research for the book I would have enjoyed it anyway because that's one of the things that are wrong. My bucket list too. Because it's I feel like it's just a different mindset. It's like working with the team. Get through to win you know. Catch the bad guys like those are kind of fun things? I think that are honest. Adults the kid to like really enjoy something like that. Yeah Yeah Yeah I I want to know what was one of the difficult things about making all these storylines 'cause like obviously there's good there's there's there's a lot of back story for like a crime or for like a conspiracy right. What was the process of making that? How did you keep it all? How did you keep track of it? All how did you put it all together. Someone that biased me to do an outlying when I started I hadn't started with an outline but in my head everything was there. I had some notes and stuff but not a formal outline and someone had suggested to me to do an outline. So that's what was done. And that's what really helped. The outline was not just one line. There was some. It wasn't long but there were. There was a little bit of detail in there to to kind of help it to flow So that helped with keeping track of everything right. Yeah.

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