Ex-Green Beret, Son Could Face Four Years in Japanese Jail Over Ghosn Escape


The escape of former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn from Japan apparently was orchestrated by a former green beret and his son and those two were arrested yesterday with me right now is A. B. C. news crime and terrorism analyst Brad Garrett good morning Brad good morning Greg what we know about this what was the motive of these two well Carlos Guzman was the was the former chairman of Nissan quite wealthy the lived in Tokyo was charged with some issues involving under reporting his salary and some other things the Japanese lock them up officially released him on house arrest it is home but did he hired this former green beret by the name of Michael Taylor and Michael Taylor son Peter who have a security business in Boston and they orchestrated this elaborate escape plan that involved multiple trips to Japan and other places but basically they placed goes in on a bullet train in Tokyo and took it to Osaka had a private plane already pre staged in also a case about the size of what you put a large speaker of like from a concert like a rock concert they secreted Goshen inside the case took off with the private jet flew to Istambul change private jets and include the case and goes in on to Beirut Lebanon where he is a citizen it's very elaborate I mean simplistic it it there's a lot of moving parts here but it's you know it's it's almost like one of those sort of spy thrillers that you might see in a movie well they got caught that's interesting to see what lengths they went to to get this thing

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