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I love what you wrote here you do in our in our little prep document. He said okay. Gone all in on my sleep hygiene. Those words are music to my ears. Well you know I wrote this document before I went to bed last night and then last night was just in party with Mehan insomnia just a sexy dance between the two of us but it was okay. I figured it out I worked through it. I would say insomnia is probably not the maybe it is the right term but just I had a really hard time falling asleep. I could not do it last night. I did all my little things that I try but then finally I've mentioned this on a recent episode of here for you but I got mentioned again. A listener recommended something called good day. Chocolate sleep supplement candy coated pieces with one milligram of Melatonin per piece. Now got some in a grocery order. I should tell you Dorie yes I ordered it. I had done like a whole foods pickup order. Okay and I put this on my list thinking it'd be like a big bottle of vitamins. It is eight pieces of. Oh my gosh. It's so tiny. It's literally like the size of an a little cardboard box the size of an eraser that you get an elementary school. It's a very small. Wow or eight pieces of chocolate and I've already had two of them last night. So like you now loops and I just dropped. What on my desk so just FYI. I I don't know I need to do a little more research on if I can acquire more but they are basically giant chocolate eminem like candies that have Melatonin in them and at one thirty last night I took to them and that did help me transition into sleeping. Okay do you know. Do you know why you weren't able to fall asleep last night. Okay as I confessed to. You already pre recording. I was doing the thing where a looked at my phone late. Yeah and I regret it. I deeply regret it. So let me let me. May I fill listeners? In on kind of just what? I'm Lee the steps. I am taking s please. I would like nothing. So our we've talked about sleep hygiene a lot on forever thirty five and I have always found it to be a struggle and I've had sleep issues in the past and they go hand in hand with my anxiety so i. It's pretty clear to me that this is pandemic related. Yes omnia and stress like I know what it is and I do feel very fortunate that like while I do have to wake up and work and take care of my family. It's not like I have to wake up and be at an office eight o'clock so because when I used to get this kind of sleep. Insomniac used to be at work at eight and it would be this kind of like all night panic about it So so that is. That is very lucky for me. I feel like right now. That is that does help. But I'm trying to figure out ways in which to not Trigger this kind of bedtime sleeping Zayed's so the one thing I need to do that I think really helps get off my phone about an hour before I plan on falling asleep. Okay and that is hard for me because like when I go to wash my face a bring my phone okay. Do you do this studio the no? I put my phone away before I start my whole bedtime routine brain. It's like I want be looking at facebook while I'm washing my face. That's what I do. Here's what I do and like you. Can you're welcome to do or not do this? I don't care if I'm if I'm doing something in the living room like say watching TV. I will finish watching TV. I'll take one last look at my phone. And then I'll plug my phone in the kitchen and then like I'm done with the phone for the night. Ooh And I go into my bedroom. I change into my pajamas or maybe. I'm already in my pajamas. I do my whole you know. Wash my face put on my serums my lotions. I brush my teeth floss etc. Do Yoga Toes. I write in my journal I'll usually read kindle for a little bit Last night I was on my ipad looking for something but I will talk about in a little bit but I try and I try to stay off my ipad because then I get then. It's tempting to look at news websites and I don't want to be doing that and then I usually get so tired. I often fall asleep while reading. Yeah that's amazing like lights on kindle in hand and then I like jerk. Oh Okay and then. I'll put the kindle away turn up late and like really go to sleep. I feel like that's how you know that you hit Middle Age because I do that too and I feel like I would watch my parents do that and be like they are so weird though kick in their bedroom and they both leap with the lights on with books on their totally but like now we're there and it feels good and like you get why you just Kinda like close your eyes mid book. Yes I I've had that experience in my better sleep days and I and I I really admire that. You are so consistent with that that and not the just that it works but that like you. So much of it is forming the habit. And you've done that and you've done that as long as this podcast has been in existence even before you know well. Yeah I mean as discussed on this podcast. I have had to be consistent because of my sleep disorder and even though I still get night terrors. Having a consistent sleep routine does help. So did you talk to anyone. Like did someone guide you through figuring out asleep routine in terms of dealing with your sleep disorder or is this something. There's a lot of articles about it that I consulted. It's also partly why and Matt Matt and I are at odds about this. I like to have my bedroom be cave like I like it pitch dark preferably like blackout curtains. No late getting in quiet as to WHO and he likes to like. He likes to wake up with Natural Light. Which means that there's late seepage. All the time and I so yeah so so that's been that's often been a source of conflict but lake ultimately. I think the person with a sleep disorder wins out a man But yeah like some of the like I've talked about this before but like going to sleep at a consistent time every night is also very important. Yeah Yeah having that wind down period is important earplugs. I mask like do earplugs at night. I do okay okay. Do you have a certain brand of that? You like or is it just kind of like a generic drug store earplug. It's a generic drugstore earplug. I believe the one I have right now are from walgreens great shoutout to Walgreens shout to Walgreens I so I don't know I like a very loud white noise eight. Yes yes and I love the variety of white noise. Machines have cranking up all over my house. I have been finding Melatonin to be very useful and as well as reading and journaling at night. That does really kind of helped me wind down. It's the transition from phone to non phone that has been really hard and maybe I need to move my phone out of the bedroom completely. I've been leaving it on my desk. Which is in my bedroom and as you mentioned you like when we were talking about this previously I think work needs to be kept out of the bedroom but right now. My workspace is literally twenty four inches from my bed. That's very hard right now. I'm sitting at my desk and I can reach behind me and touch my bed. So that is. That is a little tricky. Like I will look at my computer and I'll think of something I haven't done for the podcast and I'll be like oh just do this one flip it. Oh men and do it. So so. That's that's hard for me to. I need to kind of start figuring that out but I will say I have been wearing an eye mask a lot more in not only is it helpful and filtering the light. There's something about the pressure of it. That is comforting. You do you experience that like the jazz header. Caress of an eye pillow against my face. I'm finding very soothing. That's very

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