Flu Game, Kerr's Story, Jalen's Reflection



I know this was motionless evening for you. I know as an emotional evening for you to watch your team. Push Michael Jordan's bulls further than they have only been pushed once before to a game seven and be so close to winning. It would feel like sitting downstairs. And you're watching this episode it was it was bittersweet. Jacoby because the one thing about being on a team one of the legends. That Michael Jordan. Stop from getting Reggie Miller Patrick Ewing Karl Malone John Stockton Charolais. So can Charles Barkley and Gary Payton Clyde Drexler Chunk. Is that that black cat. Some special and while the rest of the world gets a chance to enjoy and celebrate him as a former Pistons. growing up still native Detroit. Ann Reid with my squad to the fullest and then plan for the Pacers. I basically never got a chance to appreciate the greatness of Michael Jordan. I was route or playing against him his entire career so watching the dock and seeing how he was able to overcome certain obstacles gives me a level of respect and appreciation for player to already acknowledged as to go in the NBA. Were on the same boat stuck in our homes through quarantine joining a friends on zoom calls. We all know is going on right now in the world and we're all shopping online as we stay at home I just saw the. At and T. Are Doing to really helpful thing for those who want to buy a new phone or device online. They're offering fast free. No contact delivery and curbside pickup so that online shopping is simple and safe as possible on top of that. They have flexible return policy. So you can shop at ease you can visit. Att Dot Com learn how to shop online from the safety of your home. Twenty four seven such a change restricting.

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