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Showing a clear sky our temperature currently seventy eight degrees a peaceful demonstration this evening at the union center in Westchester has seen police officers taken me there in solidarity with the protesters something Hamilton County sheriff Jim Neil in Cincinnati police chief Eliot Isaac did on Monday west Chester township police chief Joe Herzog addressing the crowd and called out the Minneapolis police officers involved in George voice they're saying they decided his profession and had no respect for human life conversation and we got there was a few years for a reason listen to each other that's how we make changes okay west Chester township trustees is see the approved a curfew from ten PM to six AM for the next thirty days demonstrators could still be seen on hand continuing the peaceful protest at the knee as the curfew neared in the last half hour chief Herzog said it's a precautionary measure and the demonstration has been nothing but peaceful addressing the George fully protests held across Ohio DeWine said governor Mike DeWine said he had a chance to hear from there the different mayors across the state the state on what they've seen I talked again to the the mayors of major cities today eleven thirty and he helped the mayors I think I can speak for them but usually speak for mayors but what they told me is that the vast majority of demonstrators have been peaceful the vast majority of demonstrators want to or or want to talk one of protest want to get people's attention about very legitimate issues but the governor says the mayor said that there have been a few violent protesters who he says drowns out the voices of reason trying to bring awareness to what they're protesting the wind is calling for changes that will bring more transparency between police and the public and he's also looking to see more minority hires within police forces the National Guard was activated by governor anybody here this weekend to assist police in Lowville with protests now there won't be as many in town going forward this briefing Tuesday the governor told reporters this is at the recommendation of the guard itself I know that there is real sensitivity right now all with the guard I believe that the card has been necessary that there was a potential especially going into Saturday night where there were some real concerns and information out there and and I called the man solely to try to ensure that people are safe the National Guard was involved in a shooting early Monday that resulted in the death of David Macatee officials say between the guard and LMPD eighteen shots were fired one of them struck mcity in the chest causing his death I'm Suzanne Duval president trump tweeted tonight that he's planning to move the Republican National Convention out of Charlotte North Carolina because the governor at this time cannot guarantee a full capacity inside the arena in August as the state in the rest of the U. S. is still dealing with the corona virus pandemic which killed over.

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