Congrats to SpaceX #1451 - burst 06



Congratulations more happy news space x congratulations. Return human. To space on American hardware. American lift. It was a flawless beautiful launch. Oh. My God was incredible. And then I caught bits and pieces of it. All the way through Sunday morning I missed the docking by about thirty minutes I had to get busy. But they docked at the International Space Station. Flawless flawless flawless all the way through and through congratulations space x, and yes, the NASA spacex restaurants are going to bring home a very special flag in you know. They keep the referring to these two gentlemen. By their first names. They are actually active duty military. And many people forget that Kennedy era takes me a little bit because of. Them referring to them as Bob and Doug, but yes they are. Believe, colonel and Captain I. Colonel. See I don't even know exactly what ranked their, but their military officers so again congratulations to the two astronauts for having a safe lift in an arrival at the International Space Station and bring that flag home that the international that the space shuttle left. So again amid you gotTa admit. And I know that we have a lot of listen to show. That are not from America. But this was no small undertaking. You have a private company. That has been able to put. Satellites and cargo and a car in you know into orbit in space and yet land the first stage recover fouling 's. Bring back reusable parts. Be Able to recycle, said just dumping stuff in the ocean. That that is that in itself? Was, a monumental lifetime achievement by SPACEX and then. They got the Dragon Capsule Ready. Did the demonstrations to the escape demonstration. Now Demo to basically put two men at the national spatial think. They're going to be up there for thirty days. And then hopefully a successful. Reentry recovery. Hit on the next dangerous part of this mission is the re entry obviously but. No space everything's. Space. X.'s spaces dangerous. No matter what. But Here's the beauty about this space. X kicked Boeing's but.

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