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More to create the best practices for police departments on the use of force he says they must enhance transparency between police and the public recruit more minorities to service officers and add more oversight to Ohio's law enforcement agencies to ensure accountability the specific problem though I hope to be able to address is the problem of we have seen and again it's rogue person of who is a police officer demonstration one department that they should not be a police officer the fire they leave and then they show up and we see them again another police department it's a problem that we have to address the wind says later this week he hopes to speak with members of the General Assembly about bettering law enforcement and helps to discuss it further on Thursday Kentucky governor Andy Beshear address the videos little police release that show David Mackey firing his gun there still so many other questions that are that are out there and then and that have to be answered governor Beshear says he has told the Kentucky state police critical incident response team is investigating the shooting of mcity their investigation must be thorough and he says the videos released Tuesday it will be useful but it is only one piece of a much larger and what will be an ongoing investigation the governor also announced that he's reducing the National Guard presence in Louisville he didn't say how many National Guard troopers will remain but says it is a sufficient amount if needed to respond I'm Suzanne Duval local police chief Steve Conrad was fired Monday afternoon after was learn to officers involved in the altercation did not have their body cams activated before returning fire protest in Louisville have been calling for justice in the death of Brianna Taylor a local black woman who was shot and killed by police who acted on a no knock warrant at her apartment back in March those officers were also said to have not in fact have did not activate their body cameras in the wake of the George forty Brianna Taylor protest the coronavirus pandemic does

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