Christo, Artist Who Brought ‘The Gates’ To New York's Central Park, Dies At 84


The artist Christo has died Christo and his late wife John Claude were known for creating vast outdoor artworks like the gates in Central Park his office says he died of natural causes at his home in New York City he was eighty four and peers Elizabeth Blair has more the gates were seventy five hundred panels made of orange fabric wasted on poles that meander through Central Park crystal when his wife John Claude it dreamed big they wrap to Germany's rush tag in silver fabric and surrounded islands in Biscayne Bay in floating pink material crystal you have a chance was born into an industrialist family in Bulgaria he and his wife John Clyde is spend their own money building their public art from sales of Christie's early work people didn't always like their flashy installations but crystal and John Claude it believe their outdoor sculptures helped people look at the environment in a new

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