Becoming desperate join compassion


Since this idea of Minnesota weather center clear skies this evening it stays warm overnight with a low around seventy five cent sign tomorrow and it will be hot with highs in the low nineties storms tomorrow night some of which could be severe I'm meteorologist Ashley o'connor on Twin Cities news talk A. M. eleven thirty currently it's eighty five the latest on the corona virus keep it right here Twin Cities news talk A. M. eleven thirty one oh three point five FM police officers your job and is in custody man charged with third degree murder in many places it appears the violence is planned organized and driven by an archaic and left extremist groups far left extremist groups using anti for like tactics are coming to the suburbs we consider government center there's only one hundred and fifty five days until he showed coast to coast order to C. two shiny the this hour to Sean Hannity show eight hundred nine four one Sean toll free telephone number the president laying into week governors for not doing their jobs any is right because he's been offering help finally sent the National Guard to Minnesota

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