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MLB players offer 114-game season, no more $ cuts


Let me just talk a little bit about sports for a second on Sunday there was a counter proposal from the MLBPA and here is what they proposed it was at one hundred and fourteen game season deferred salaries in the event of a cancel post season any option for all players to opt out of potential twenty twenty season due to a coronavirus concerns that's what sources told ESPN in this article as well when we hear about the one hundred and fourteen game season it would operate from June thirtieth as the start date and the regular season I guess would conclude on October thirty first we also heard from the MLBPA that they would want expanded playoffs for two years and the MLB's proposal suggests one year of a post season that goes from ten teams to fourteen teams this is once again the MLBPA being unrealistic and Major League Baseball also being unrealistic again we saw the MLB's our national proposal the eighty two games and how there was going to be a significant reduction in salary we know that first offer was not going to be accepted so then the Players Association counters back with a hundred and fourteen games where MLB wants eighty two games because they think they're gonna lose more money and you're gonna have a pro rated salary over a hundred and fourteen games there is no way that Major League Baseball the commissioner and the owners is going to accept this as a seven draw it's pointed out MLB owners are sticking to two points that they need one is a shorter schedule and two is a salary reduction Jello jazz this deal that was proposed by the MLBPA has been rejected yet but that's inevitable and the MLB animal B. P. I had a meeting yesterday following the union's proposal we saw right before we came on air Jeff Passan say this Major League Baseball intends to propose a shorter season in which they would play out pay pliers a full pro rated share of their salary sources told ESPN the league believes the late March agreement allows it to set the schedule and that this would fulfill the pliers pro rated

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