U. S. Senate, President Biden, Pentagon discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Being confirmed on a vote of 93 to 2 in nearly 75 years, there has never been a man of color leading the Pentagon. That all changed today when the U. S. Senate confirmed Lloyd Austin to be the first black secretary of defense in this nation's history. 67 year old West Point grad in Alabama. Native retired from the military is a four star Army general in 2016 after leading US Central Command responsible for all combat forces in the Middle East Texas Lucas Tomlinson at the Pentagon. Russia is reacting to the proposed extension of a nuclear treaty. Fox is Simon Owen Has this live Lisa Russia says it has long been in favor of extending the new start nuclear treaty and is ready to formalize a lengthier agreement without delay. The deal expires in less than two weeks on President Biden, in an early major foreign policy decision has offered to extend it by five years. The Kremlin said. It's waiting to hear more details. Under the terms of the treaty, the U. S and Russia agreed to limit the number of nuclear warheads they have deployed. Lisa Hey Simon, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says an article of impeachment against President Trump will be sent by the House on Monday, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticizing the house Poor Processes Rush sequel cannot be an insufficient Senate process that denies former President trump his due process or damages. The Senate For the presidency itself. Connell proposed a two week delay in the Senate trial, President Biden said to sign more covert related executive orders today, focusing this time on help for struggling families. America is listening to Fox News. This report is sponsored by express pros dot com. Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM Talk State Health officials are disputing earlier claims in a CDC report that ranked our state among the seven slowest in the country for vaccine distribution Thursday, Dr Mandy Cohen said of the one million doses North Carolina's received so far more than 569,000 have been administered. That puts the state 10th in the nation in terms of vaccine distribution. Health officials in Buncombe County say residents there have been quick to sign up for vaccination. Richard Stelling reports, thousands of residents are already on a new code 19 vaccine waiting list and bunkum County Health and human Services officials say 10,000 people signed up within the first hour of the wait list opening on Thursday. The health already team will now contact those on the wait list with appointment times. Residents age 65 years and over, and healthcare workers are eligible for vaccines. I'm Richard Stelling shots fired overnight into a home in Durham left one person injured. They were grazed, according to police. After someone shot up the home on Thorne would drive In Ash Burrow, a toddler is recovering from a triple shooting that left two people dead. It happened last night at the coal rich road apartments. So far no arrests U. S marshals are offering a reward to help track down two suspects involved in a deadly shooting in Hickory. Police say Tangela Parker is wanted for murder in the death of a woman shot in the head. They're also searching for Eric Parker, who police say help the alleged gunman after the shooting. Both should be considered armed and dangerous Sports. Forced to postpone two games this week, The Carolina Hurricanes hope to reopen their team training facilities over the weekend with five players out on the covert 19 list at coach Rod Brenda Morris concerned it could deeply impact the season, he said. He doesn't expect the guys to come out and quote tiptop shape. With continuing news updates from around the state. I'm Kyle Wilson. Quiet weather takes on into our weekend here in the Carolinas weather radar showing.

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