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Seven three sixty five listen on air on Alexa end of the W. T. O. P. app no three on WTOP Thursday night June fourth twenty twenty seventy five degrees going to the lower seventies with storms where are the storms now where are they headed we take you live to storm team four says Mike Stanford and good evening to me to several new warnings to pass along to your northwestern district of Columbia southern Carroll County northwestern Anna Rundle county Howard County eastern Montgomery County northwestern prince George's county extreme north central Arlington county in northeastern Fairfax county now under a severe thunderstorm warning until eight thirty north eastern Carroll County north western Harford county in northwestern Baltimore county also under a severe thunderstorm warning until eight thirty and this one is just come out a new warning now for the district of Columbia central prince George's county northwestern Charles county southeastern Arlington county southeastern Fairfax county in the city of Alexandria all under a severe thunderstorm warning until eight forty five severe storms now stretch Armstrong people radar from aspen hill through Glenmont Silver Spring right across northeast DC and right across the mall and then to Arlington Alexandria and south along I. ninety five all the way to tell city this activity moving off to the east to northeast at thirty miles an hour into it you'll be back in just a couple of minutes with your complete forecast okay Mike Stanford the storm team for the storms to destroy describe headed right for areas where demonstrators are in DC let's get a live update DOW from WTOP's Mike Morello yeah the major right now as that weather moves into DC many protesters continue to remain put that's according to WTOP's Alejandro Alvarez a severe thunderstorm and then there's still a lot of people here in eighteen sixty thank you don't seem to intent on leaving because this thing is I was right on top of us you can filling in of the White House it is going to let loose any.

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