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What the schedule we play. A I've been telling people all week. This is the best NIC has been in a long time and central played a whale of a game had a great game plan. We were fortunate to have the bowl with about six minutes and fifty seconds left in a tie game. And we we scored with thirty seconds left to take the lead. And that was the difference in the game. We kicked it around a little bit. The first. You know, you, and I were talking occur central is as good as they've been in a in a decade. Right. And they are going to I believe they are going to compete for sexual championship and five and make some noise in the tournament. I don't doubt for one minute. So this sounds like the conversation you and I had last week when you beat new prairie by one score. So your last two weeks have been one touchdown wins says a lot about your ball club. You know, it does. And I don't think and I think a lot of it has to do with the way central play tonight. We'll take anything away from them. But you know, you coached there's just some nights where your team does have your best. You know what I mean? Right. And and and we didn't have our best. I don't think we played our best tonight. But super proud of our kids for for finding a way to win the game in the fourth quarter. Because we've got a key stock in the fourth quarter managed to kill seven minutes almost seven minutes of the clock. And so, you know, when you don't have your best and you can win and then focus on it will get better than something. You could be happy for I tell me about the game winning score. When you got it who did it. How you got there? Yeah. You know, we like I said, we got the balls about six six fifty seven kicked off to we. We had the ball on a third and third and three. Six thirty six. Call the play a Samsung quarterback actually called the play. And we gave him the ball. And we ran into to get in the middle of the field that we didn't get it in. So we could run our our field goal team out there. He found a way into the end zone. And fortunately for the caveman. You know, we hold them off. Hi, who's up next? We have south bend Saint Joe. Ooh. Yeah. It was a twenty one thirteen game got beat by. Then they beat central last week by two so. We were talking about this. Is it good? Is deep. I think you're right. Keith Kendra the head coach Michelle Walker. They'd be Elkhart center tonight twenty two fifteen or number three and four a he's on the Saint Vincent sports performance online. Keith, I appreciate it. Good luck next week. All right. Thanks. Thanks give. You're.

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