As summer camps cancel, parents scramble for childcare


LD with the school year over this is the time of year that many kids head off to camp not this year though thanks to the coded pandemic yeah that is forcing parents and kids to make some adjustments summer at YMCA camp me sending me Jersey there's no such thing as social distancing everything is about being together until now for the first time in one hundred twenty years can't Mason will not open this summer they decided to cancel before the state mandated that have you ever cancel camp before the camp has been through world wars floods under pandemics and but this is unfortunately the first year we had to cancel there are around four hundred overnight camps in the U. S. and each year the YMCA runs more than three hundred of them the American camp association and the YMCA recently released an eighty two page guideline for camps which includes how to decide if you should open how to properly clean and disinfect and how to handle a suspected coronavirus case among campers or staff why did you make the decision to cancel most of our campers come from the five boroughs of New York the larger towns and cities of New Jersey and internationally not only could have posed health risks to our campers and their families in our shared communities but the changes that we would have had to enact to operate camp social distance saying reduced numbers of campers no group games it would have made the camp experience on recognizable unrecognisable for campers like fifteen year old Angelina mac what is this can't mean to you everything it's what I look forward to it every single year Angelina lives just outside Philadelphia this would have been her seven summer at camp we think about summer camp those are those down big thumbs down for some there are four megs Innisfree camp isn't just about getting kids outdoors it's also practical she and her husband worked full time in reliance summer camps for some of their childcare I just I don't know how it's gonna work I really don't see this freezes virtual camps which are popping up across the country are not much help my six year old twins we've done a couple different test runs of some different virtual classes there tensions man is just not quite there yet I've been joking around my house we're gonna have a nineteen seventies summer and you're going to figure out how to

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