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Two Mari yellow. All right. Stick to the NBA Nate McMillan. The head coach of the Indiana Pacers. So right now the third in the Eastern Conference they won the last two games. And right before the all-star break, they won seven out of the and they've been there forty and twenty eight and five since Victor Oladipo went down, and he was the only all star their team. So stock up to the Indiana Pacers. Excellent coaching job. And that's even going back to last year in the first round of the playoffs. That's a tough Pacers team without deep on skeptical. If it will continue, but definitely deserving a phrase so far stock down number one, Robert Kraft. I've talked about this for the last two days. Whatever side of the fence, you are in this one whatever you think about Robert Kraft. He was stupid to to this day spa in Jupiter, Florida just stupid for a man of that power manner that influence to go into one of those places dumb. Nothing. Good could come out of it. And he deserves everything he's getting right now in the public chastising court of public opinion. And then also legally by league much won't probably happen. But what he did. Here was just dumped the put himself in that situation. So stock down to someone I usually like the praise, but in this case, he was dumb and Robert Kraft. Stock down. Number two is the NC double A. So the NBA is proposing to bring back the draft age to eighteen so that would eliminate one and done that's bad for the NCW. I know we can all complain about one in and all that by a guy like Zion. Williamson is the best story in college basketball this year, and you won't have any more in a few years. So a stock down to the NC double A is they're going to be hurt by this one and done for Steph. Oh, quickly rapid fire. Let's go stock down number one Christian hackenberg. We already covered five picks in three starts in. The upstart. Got bench today for burger men. Burger led a touchdown drive. The people who thought to use a second round pick on Christian hackenberg. They're still employed somehow, I don't know. I don't know who they are. I don't know who they are are still employed. Those people. Second stock down goes to this whole UNLV. Rick Pitino story if you've seen this. But now every every head coaching job is now going to be want. This job does Rick Pitino at that job. Why are we so forgiving Rick Pitino? Like, oh, all of a sudden, he Rick Martinez gonna make all your problem disappeared. No, he'll probably multiply them to make it worse. UNLV's head coach is a former Louisville assistant under Patino awkward.

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