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Here the kitchen here in the kitchen like vin vin rain. But as you make he ain't gonna being bitch me out yards to him or me that it's him or me which one is i would say goodbye. I wouldn't even wanna be with a man that tolerated by all bitter off. Better maybe better better. I'll take that chat room by the week. Hey tarik cohen he- chat room. You missed out. Your blessing blessing. You miss it out of your blessed cared of this right and the kids love it. They love him after kids and they can't you now now and you gotta go over there with your husband. Pick up the kids while the ex-girlfriends how putting vastly on forehead getting you tolerate that weird stuff but what better lapaglia doing that just discussing all of this. I know your husband's not a if my gosh five seven you it the right number. 'cause we didn't get a cough seven. Oh nine eight two six nine. Five zero nanometers is here. Hey good morning. Hey nanna do you know to vernon de la nina. Where are you from related. Do you live in south carolina. The godfather sola tracy raise here. Good morning patient. Younger nut is in the bill de subject now. Do you really believe that. Dj young nut is in love. Would he's been married forty years. You think that you think no you you always things what time you think that younger nut still got a relationship with the kids. His ex-girlfriend prior to his marriage seventy.

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