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Part is on the weekend but there was a week that went out ever miss a monday. Jim shanshan a tuesday. Jim ships a wednesday thursday friday and in a on the side of it kind of gave me structure. It can allow me to say okay cool. I'm going to workout monday to friday. And i'm going to get on the saturday or something. That's what allowed me to do and now without a week has no restructure structure. Unless i'm working right there's no rule idea of like it's just a monday is choosing this wednesday they will kind of just blur into one in oven is against maybe concerning because it may be is a opening a revelation maybe kind of reveals my lack of interest. I guess outside of Many other things. I do but i still think A rostock stock remind us two things that you shouldn't take for granted and how much actual benefit they bring over life and again i don't go to a trendy jim. It's just a local legislator us nothing crazy but it does give me so much in life. And i'm sure a lot of people have basically felt the same in again. I do my own press ups and step ups at home. Try and run three times a week. And so it's not the same echo said before on the report. 'cause like my running has been affected by my lack of jim like i'd go jim five days a week and run free times. Recent sometimes four because the gym gave me kind of the base level to kind of gave me the structure to add on these other things on in place. But when i'm trying to just work our home or run to supplement to kind of supplement lack of jim. It's just not working so the same number of cowbells at home and in the elastic bands are ever going to replicate being able to a put. Your back up against a squat racking. I mean and lift some heavy shit and the same thing and again this appropriate of time. Jim is gonna mean once we do go back. Just gonna stop from such a deficit. Got the working. All the way up to the beginning. And i'm definitely to do it because the last time i didn't an ended up i ended up pulling back end up playback really badly so badly couldn't will come. I was jimmy. Considering calling an uber then i managed to muster up the strength to kind of total way back home. I think i pulled it. Going down the squat i basically had loosened up enough and then i guess my hips and ankles were bit tight. So whatever side. That was not website. My ankle billy was. The west is will overcompensate from iraq. Happens weightlifting whenever. You're you're really isn't even you. End up overcompensate on the side and then that led to one of the muscles on the opposite side of.

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