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The bay keeper adds save the bay it's mike jarboe good morning mike morning if glad you could join me this morning thanks for having me on a new eventually we've got around to have anyone because of were very ah interested in what's happening on the bay and you uh but you spend a couple of months in the coast guard reserve working in puerto rico in the aftermath of the terrible law hurricane a maria that they had this fall and a really put up a note on the save the bay website talking about you know the impacts of a coastal law problems here on rhode island if we should do a similar a tragedy befall the coast here it could be really rough huh yeah that's exactly right you know i really wanna was trying to do is just get a stinking that you know a lot of the southern states puerto rico of they've had some pretty serious storms have been hit them in the last two years the we've been lucky we haven't had any major storm since the hurricane of nineteen 38 since the hurricane 1954 but that doesn't mean it's not going to happen and i i just want to make sure that you know we're thinking about what could happen war we're vulnerable and taking the steps we can take now to make sure that the devastation is limited when it does hit us up here house he's talked about climate change the impact on the coast um and pointing out that does some areas that are a low to the water could be cut off or even become islands at who ian hunter white house and a great advocate for some of the issues we're trying to deal with i mean you look at sea level rise you mentioned we've we've seen a foot a feel of arrives in rhode island 1930 but prediction say that that could accelerate up the night nine feet by twenty one hundred so even areas that are close to the coast or art susceptible of flooding now we're just going to become even more vulnerable as we uh progress here short of building big walls of dykes i mean what can we do then that that's the hard question that's what we really need to start looking at there's a lot of great agencies they've got the university.

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