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Seattle bridge still closed to regular traffic the lower bridge deck is open but that's for reserved as I mentioned yesterday for transit and freight as well as emergency response your next couple traffic at twelve fourteen Alcamo eagle proof forecasters meteorologist Kristen Clarke morning stratus clouds slowly clearing across the Puget Sound throughout the early afternoon expecting a seasonable day temperature wise mid fifties expected across the Puget Sound now the sky will stay mostly clear into tonight great viewing conditions to check out that full supermoon rising in the east a little after seven thirty this evening also expecting a gradual warm up in the days to come with Thursday being the warmest day in the mid sixties followed by a dry sunny and seasonable Easter weekend on the way and the coming weather center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clark just now finally starting to clear out a little bit in Seattle with some patchy blue sky it's fifty degrees come on whose time twelve oh six small business owners should contact their banks quickly if they want to claim a forgivable loan under the federal government's payroll protection program Scott possum is a former small business administration official now with Tacoma based Columbia bank there's a lot of money for the program three hundred and forty nine billion dollars hundred shut this program but there it's believed that that money is going to be evaporated within a few weeks business owners can borrow up to two and a half times their monthly payroll and if they use the money on payroll expenses than the loan will become a grant president trump has been promoting the drug hydroxy chloride Quinn as a promising treatment for corona.

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