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So I think there's a kind of weariness I think many Thais feel that they weren't disastrous, and they did kind of settle a very conflicted country, but the, but it's time for them to go. And if the current situation is as you describe it, a thorough -tarian light is the next situation likely to be democracy light. That's a good description. Another political pundit, he described it as a hybrid democracy. Well, the military has done is they so determined that Mr. Texan his sister Yang lack in their party won't win. And all the poll say they will do quite well in the election that they've designed an electoral system, which will make it very hard for them to win a majority as they have done in the past. And they've all. Also allowed for an entirely appointed Senate now for house two hundred fifty seat Senate, which the military is appointing and that will have a lot of say over the government. They're allowing an unelected prime minister to be chosen. I think hoping a whole load of smaller. Parties will be persuaded to back the current prime minister general pro channel or the man who led the coup to carry on. They really have you could argue rigged this election in a way, which makes it very likely will see a continuation either of some form of semi military rule semi military semi democratic rule or a very weak democratic government that relies on the military and the military is also puts in the constitution that there's a twenty year plan and economic planner a real reform plan that all governments have to follow which it has also drafted. So it's influence influence will definitely continue whoever comes out on top in this election. That's the BBC's Jonathan head joining us from Bangkok Thailand. Jonathan thank you. Jeremy good to talk to you. Well, many of the world's business and political leaders gathered this week in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. President Trump did not go which means he missed important message from British naturalists or David Attenborough famous for presenting the planet earth series and borough is ninety two and as he accepted an award for his work on TV he told the audience that humans better hurry to deal with climate change. I am quite a tree from another age. I was born during the Holocene the name given by scientists to the truth our year period of time attic stability this allow humans to settle from and create civilizations. Them's conditions. Fostered are unique minds giving rise to international trade in ideas, as well as goods and making us the globally connected species that we are today and Berra has seen more of the world and its life forms than most of us ever will from the penguins in Antarctica to the zebras of Africa. But this week he was in the mountains of Switzerland. Speaking to another species, very wealthy human beings, Goebel, businesses, international cooperation and striving ideals. These are all possible because for millennia on a global scale nature has been largely predictable stable. No in the space of one human lifetime. Indeed. In the space of my lifetime. All that has changed. The Holocene has ended the garden of Eden is no more. We have changed the world so much that scientists say that we are now in a new geological age the anthroposophic in the age of humans. When you think about it? That is perhaps no more unsettling than fort the only conditions button humans have ever known. So far are changing and changing fast. It's tempting an understandable to.

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