Dallas - Irving-Based Chuck E. Cheese Files For Bankruptcy


Irving Texas based C E C, entertainment says it's filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy as Bill Ziebel. Ziebel reports from Dallas. This is not expected to affect operations at its chucky cheese and Peter Piper Pizza restaurant company hopes the clearing bankruptcy will strengthen its balance sheet, which has been damaged by months of Forest Covid, nineteen closures of it's more than six hundred restaurants, which are also party destinations for children, two, hundred, sixty, six reopened under chapter eleven. The company says it'll reopen even more restaurants. CEO David Mackillop's says the business is trying to recover from. What has undoubtedly been the most challenging event in our history. The business says all of its restaurants are run in accordance with CDC. Federal State and local guidelines. Even before the pandemic chucky cheese was struggling financially losing money over several years I'm Bill Ziebel in

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