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Million comes out to three point six, million, a year Chris tyranny also avoided arbitration signed for two years, seven, million three and a half million dollars cap it. He came over from the Eric. Carlson bounty that trades looking better and better for auto every day and they also signed unrestricted free agent Alex Genyk to a one year one, point zero, five, million, dollar deal. This. Sense man it could be pretty frisky next ya whenever it is. I tell you what good for him I feel that like he's a guy were like he's high-octane he needs to fire and all the skill cylinders. We saw guy like, Anthony, declared goal there and and do what he did with the players coach in a new environment and. They're allowed to like. Play a little bit more their style of play and you know, China, bouncing around a little bit here and I, think given with teams at the fact that maybe there's not that pressure to win now he could you know re-instill that confidence in his game which I mean if you don't have it in your. I mean to when you're that highly skilled if you don't have your confidence like you're pretty much. Useless. As a depth player, he just doesn't have those types of tools. So a perfect non-risk deal for the Ottawa Senators I hope he does well, he's a great kid. He's never really been able to to stick anywhere in and kind of make make his imprint on any organization. Excuse me. So I just kinda compared to the Duke Lehrer situation where he's a guy who went there found that and he was the same type guy like he just couldn't land on his feet and then you organization he went to. So Galley Hope you hope you lander feet pal. I also like Connor Brown man that must have been tough to get traded from Toronto Toronto got all these these young pieces and he goes over to Ottawa and. You know lashes disaster for them but he was good ice skates he compete so I that signing a lot and I think that that Ottawa Ottawa's. Surprise. Now I think they're still going to be. Not They're not a playoff team but their way better than last year. How many you keep seeing names added he keying guys signing and? It's definitely not going to be a walk in the park most nights for whoever's playing against them like the way it was you know this past season. Be Betting on a lot next season whenever it is another thing too I. Glanced over his Gaucho. Next scored thirty in this league I think he had twenty nine a month for all one year like I know like it was one thirty. But. Are we can move on I'll back you up the. which. said the ninety four world series a little while ago but that was the the strike lock. I I was like something sound off about ninety four. All I can think is the Rangers. Combination of that between that and between that and Elliot's coming up you're going to get by the way I sh I just finally got his name right for the first time I liked the EP forty. That's. Off The glass and that's his new name to me Pini. Save is also had a couple of guys that avoided arbitration Sam Reinhart Buffalo the agreed a one year deal five, point, two, million they also avoided abitration with Goalie Linus ullmark he re up for one year two, point, six MIL. Ryan Hi that's a pretty good price tag farm five on five point two all chime in on this when I feel like they're like this, his last contract was just prove it contract i. felt he proved it to a certain degree. There was that one incident about him giving up on a play earlier in the season that got amplified. So that seems to be fresh in people's minds as far as maybe that's why they didn't i. think it's new GM in there we've come to the situation where halls over here. So like a I. Don't know maybe him and Jack had amazing chemistry where we use some of that money in order to keep him around and also I think reinhart's GonNa plan the second line and not the season be playing was Schlaug's but I think what they're seeing as a can you drive your online like can you even take a step up from there and then I think that warrants him probably getting what he might have been expecting to get this off season but given with what's happened I think five hundred to five point to a great number. I know the him and Michael are great buddies I. think that if he's able to prove it again I think that I think they should keep him I think he's I think he's a decent piece. He's a good room guy. I think there's yes there's some things to improve on but once again like this team, all around has not been very good. So it's not like that's a that's a piece. You Might WanNa keep around considering you haven't had many better pieces than him who who's a wrist align Eichel that's it. It was the only to think of over a decent amount of time who have been consistent in that organization. and. He will be a restricted free agent again after this one year deal at he's averaging just under twenty two goals a year. So obviously, another guy, he has a good year, he'll to fully get what to forgot i. He basically. Four, what you get four and a half. But I'm thinking more from an age standpoint where Ryan Reinhard still what he's twenty four. Twenty five soon, I may he's he's going to get your twenty goals. He's going to get your fifty points and then that's if he makes that leap all the sudden maybe it's thirty and it's And it's sixty, five, seventy points I. I like him as a player and that team struggle you can't get rid of guys like that right now. I. Mean if the Sabers ever gotten to the playoffs, they were deeper team in a better team and they got it in the net plan centered on the top line and then reinhard turned into a rule even a better player and he like he's kind of like he could be David crazy i. know that's crazy praise and all he's got a long way to go but. You know I don't think he'll ever be ninety point guy but faulk creatures had years. We had seventy points. Regular season led the team in scoring in the playoffs like this guy's really good and he's young. I think that there's no way buffalo could could lose a guy like this at this point. So then you got hall on the first line, then you got you got skinner on the team as well. So let's see also how does with maybe a little less focus on him given that there's not a ton of depth upfront. So maybe thrives I hope he does he's a great guy in Bisbee by the way did not pay him for that appearance. So I hope you get your meal money at some point. I fuel signs to run through here. Let me know if you want to chime in Colorado Resat. I'm sorry. Carson. Restricted free agent devante jobs four year deal worth sixteen point four, Mil four, point one, million dollars cap it I mean. I think this is probably take him maybe shorter term and gamble on himself, but I think of birth. Publiz. Burn the hand was worth two in the Bush to him. Would you agree with that wet in other words like you couldn't be a two year deal and see how he didn't got more money down the line but opted for the security of a forty. Million take care of that. Well, he should be should be good to live on and joyful. Enjoy a happy life I'll say a fun life take that back. I I don't really understand why the island has got rid of them. Maybe we'll learn more but I like his game. I like skates. He looked awesome in the playoffs and now he's making. Very Fair number I think for both sides. If he's going to be the player he showed to be on the islanders this year he could even maybe arguing little underpaid in four years we'll see what happens but I like him. We go right?.

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