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To the wizards losing to the San Antonio spurs in double overtime one 57 one 53 wizards led by Kyle Kuzma He had 36 points as wizards now fall to 27 and 32 on the season They turn right around they face a Cavaliers in Cleveland on Saturday night Capitals will be in action on Saturday afternoon visiting the Philadelphia flyers Now after the loss of the rangers on Thursday night and a practice on Friday cap star Alexander Ovechkin issued his first comments following Russia's invasion of Ukraine he said we have to live in peace please know more war against capitals visiting the flyers on Saturday afternoon Marilyn women winners over Indiana 67 64 in a battle of top 15 teams and Major League Baseball's canceled three more days of spring training early as they could get going as March 8th of course they got to get a deal done as the lockout continues Wizards fall in double overtime one 57 one 53 to the San Antonio spurs Frank Han ran WTO sports All right thanks Frankie 1246 Here's what's happening this morning CBS News special reports We are fighting for our country on absolutely every front That is what Ukraine's president tells his nation as Russian troops tanks bear down on the capital Kyiv CBS Charlie dagda is there People are being told how to make molotov cocktails 18,000 guns have been handed out to citizens He said we can not afford to lose the capital U.S. ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield tells the Security Council before voting on a resolution condemning Russia's aggression against Ukraine Responsible member states do not invade their neighbors They do not commit violence against their neighbors just because they have the ability to do so That is the entire purpose of our international system Russia vetoed the resolution 11 of the 15 members voted in favor with China India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining CBS News special report I'm Jennifer Kuiper.

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