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Territory for two can do a cat about a dog. Can you in this five minutes like that. That is also so explain that make sense of that. Tell me how that's mimicking working. I guess I know that there's someone out there right now. who only teach to do anything? There's something else going on with this bird. Yeah it's really obvious obvious and especially your not just hearing it but to see the birds reactions to things well. It's hearing a word and it triggers a response and you know the interesting thing is the responses Ponce's instantaneous that doesn't have to think for a second in knows exactly what the answer is and are you seeing in the I'm going to post them an Einstein video of him him singing so you can show it to your kids. He has his own Youtube Channel and there's rabbit hole worth falling into. I've watched so many of this parrots videos. I wonder what the owners are making off of that. There's advertising on his website on his youtube channel. I'm getting rich and let me making something. Imperative live a long time that is amazing. I'm glad you explain that it's just this is an unusual parrot and and that's all you can say that it can hear a sound and it knows where to go with the answer when you watch some of his singing videos. This bird is sounds crazy this courtesy mody watching some diva up on stage. Listen I went to middle school. Some kids and the teacher would ask what the state capital they couldn't. They couldn't give it to listen. They knew Bob and Sheri Twenty four seven Bob and Sheri Dot COM okay a very exciting moment in the Bob Sherry show right now in just the moment we are going into play a little bit of the last time a song that was just an instrumental went number one on the billboard charts. We're GONNA see some of you will not remember this song some of you will but how long has it been since an instrumental was number one on the billboard charts. It's but I it's time for it's a joke we call it. It's a joke so that you know it's a joke okay. That's why we in this case. It wouldn't be very good. These are very all right. I got a hold of these and prepare them for audience. AH HERE WE GO Paul. McCartney says he thinks Brexit is a mess and a mistake. He added that he skeptical optical of any major break-up that wasn't caused by Yoko Ono. I liked it. Thank you know I did. It's not the easy to turn a Brexit joke into a Beatles Yoko Ono thank you New York. Mayor Bill De Blasio has just ended his twenty twenty campaign for the Presidency Z. He said he needs to deal with crisis at home. The jets now I don't get that one as much because it's a football horrible okay yeah two hundred and forty this. I'm almost ashamed. I just have to say this. You did that last one with a straight face. Surely how bad I don't know it's not really even a joke but two hundred forty years ago on this day in seventeen seventy nine the American warship Bon homme Richard Commandeered by by John Paul Jones defeated. HMS CERAMICIST during a revolutionary war battle during the battle John Paul Jones at the famous quote. I have not yet begun to fight. He later learned how to play the Bass Guitar and joined a band called led Zeppelin IV it is it's Bonham that might help the joke. Oh Blonde home. Oh okay bottom. I'm Richard is the name of the yet is an Amazon Yeah No. I don't think there's actually any hope I would ask you over and explaining but I'm GonNa go with knows house. Let's just let that one all right so shall we here. This was the song that was number. One there has not been since the song was number one on the charts there has not I've been a number one song that was strictly an instrumental it was done by Jacques Jan or John J. N. Hammer and it's it's the Miami vice theme..

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